How to Get Telangana COVID-19 Pass for Movement

Novel CoronaVirus has locked everyone inside their houses, so how to get Covid-19 Pass in Telangana state for movement which has become a crucial time for everyone’s safety, where Government of India along with the State Government of Telangana has made their rules clear to lock everyone in their surroundings.

The only time Telangana Government allowed to move is to get their grocery which should be in the range of 3 KM, and anyone who is willing to make energy travel or want to travel beyond this range, individuals should use their COVID-19 Pass.

The government has come with an inactivation for those who are in need to be supplied with COVID-19 (Corona) ePass which acts as a permit for their travel, and any individual who is seen traveling without Corona Pass will be visiting rules of lock down and thus respective legal actions will be taken towards them.

How to get Corona ePass in Telangana

If you want to get a Corona ePass for Telangana state, then you have not to worry, as Telangana state government has not yet developed such a link for official Corona ePass, and those who want to move to other places, they need to follow some strict guidance lines which should be opted in only emergencies.

Note: Check official website for Telangana State people before you decide to move out from the house.

  • The movement for Individual has been locked under 3 KM range only
  • Emergency Movement of individuals should have a valid proof, which should be well educated to concerned Police officials to accept your movement.
  • Medical officials, Corona Health care and Transport vehicle movement are accepted by showing their Identity card.

COVID-19 ePass Required Official Documents

As there is no official link yet released by Telangana State Government, any individual who is willing to have movement in cases of emergency, should carry these listed documents with them.

  • Individual Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Government ID – Such as Aadhar Card, PAN Card or Any such
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Individual License
  • Individual District Name and Village Name

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this Pass also for Heavy Vehicles?

    Presently, you can use this Pass in Telangana for Heavy Vehicles mainly which are driven for commercial business and necessary items to be transported.

  2. Can we use this Pass for traveling together?

    No, in most cases your pass will be rejected if you apply for travel with family because it will have high risk of spreading of corona virus.

  3. What are the requirements while travelling with Corona Pass for Telangana?

    You need to have the ePass print out copy or else a PDF version in phone works as well along with ID proof to be shown.