IRCTC Travel Insurance New Benefits for Complete Travel

The IRCTC Travel insurance is all about the passenger and the safety of their belongings, and there is no disadvantage or harm in taking the Travel insurance, as it protects you in many ways during your long travels.

Earlier the IRCTC Insurance was free for every passenger, whereas it is now for payments that need to be opted by every passenger while checking out of their ticket.

Avail the Travel Insurance is all within the hands of the passenger, as they have their full choice of selecting it or removing it from the ticket, there are numerous benefits of having an Travel Insurance which we will come across in this article along with how to get it claimed.

IRCTC Travel Insurance

IRCTC Travel Insurance


There is a list of benefits that a passenger can avail using the Travel Insurance, of which we have listed a few here.

  1. In case of an accident, the Travel insurance cover of 10 Lakhs is given to the passenger.
  2. The same amount will be applicable in case of any disability.
  3. The hospitalization charge of 2 Lakhs will also be covered separately.
  4. Your luggage safety will be insurance.
  5. Any loot or robbery during the journey will compensate for your lowest values.

Travel Insurance IRCTC – Eligibility

The passenger who is traveling through IRCTC must have the following meets to get eligible for any kind of IRCTC Insurance benefits.

  1. IRCTC Insurance is available for 68 Paise that need to have manually opted during check out.
  2. Children under the age of 5 years are not applicable for travel insurance.
  3. Travel Insurance is only applicable for Indians.
  4. Ensure you have received the Insurance document along with Ticket.

How to Claim Travel Insurance IRCTC

If you have been met with any accident during the travel through IRCTC, then you can ask for your applicable claim cover.

In case of death, the nominee can reach the Shriram General Insurance Company, Royal Sundaram General Insurance and ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company with the documents to avail the claim.

These three prime insurance firms are tied with IRCTC, thus they will have every updated information that makes your claim process even easier.

I don’t have my Travel Insurance Copy, who to ask for a claim in IRCTC?

There are no worries if you don’t have your Travel insurance copy, as one of the copies will be sent to your email ID or else you can take your ticket copy to any insurance firm to fetch your details.

Will my luggage be covered under IRCTC travel Insurance?

Yes, the luggage is the first point that is opted after the health of the passenger. If the passenger who is traveling through IRCTC, has lost their journey during journey then they can ask for refund as per the total loss in luggage.

Will Travel Insurance money changes be based on journey?

The IRCTC travel insurance is applicable if the passenger opt for it during the checkout. The amount of travel insurance if 68 paise at bending and will hardly vary for your long-distance travel or based on your extra luggage you’re carrying.

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