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List of complete details for BSNL Employee Health Insurance 2024 available | Find the difference between BSNL MRS and Employee Health Insurance with FAQs…

Previously, BSNL has introduced BSNL Group Term Insurance (GTI) to their employees from LIC. It is with highest financial assistance upto 50 Lakhs. Now in another move, PAN India telecom provides BSNL Employee Health Insurance scheme 2021 in association with The New India Assurance Company.

This new scheme provides comprehensive medical coverage against hospitalization charges for employees. The plan offers 3 options covering family, parents, and inlaw’s allowing up to 10 Lakhs coverage towards health insurance.

BSNL Employee Health Insurance

In these present days, Health Insurance policy is a must to every individual or employee. Because the hospitalization charges to cure some diseases are very much expensive. It is not in a position to bear by an ordinary individual. So in order to get quality treatment over expensive charges, we must have Insurance that can afford through Health Insurance Company.

Normally at present a customer who approaches directly to any General Insurance company for Health Insurance must pay an amount of Rs.15000+ for 5 Lakhs medical insurance cover.

This new corporate health insurance offered by United India Assurance is available upto 50% discount rates in premium for BSNL employees. This is one of the best option to BSNL employee family with following premium details

Scheme NameBSNL Employee Health Insurance Policy 2024
ProviderThe New India Insurance Company, Govt PSU
Allowed throughAvailable at employee login on ERP (
Date of options available
Withdrawal of options
Group Mediclaim Policy effective from

BSNL Group Mediclaim Policy Details

Option 1Option2Option 3
Without ParentsWith 1 ParentWith2 Parents
Spouse +Self + 3 Children upto 25yrs Spouse +Self + 3 Children upto 25yrs + Parent upto 85 Yrs Spouse +Self + 3 Children upto 25yrs + Parents upto 85 Yrs
Policy Coverage under 5Lakhs / 10Lakhs Coverage under 5Lakhs / 10LakhsMedicliam coverage under 5/10 Lakhs
Rs. 7198 for 5Lakhs10620 for 5Lakhs11328 for 5Lakhs
9794 for 10LacRs. 14042 for 10Lac coverage15694 for 10Lac

Parents Means Mother and Father or Mother in Law or Father in Law
Single Parent means Mother or Father or Mother In Law or Father In Law.

How to Claim BSNL Employee Health Insurance 2024

If any health issues found for any of your family members who covered under BSNL employee health insurance scheme and want to join in hospital, then just follow the below

  1. Get your health insurance cover policy number
  2. Join in any corporate hospital as per the list given that accepts Health Insurance
  3. Submit your Health Insurance card to hospital and get the cashless treatment upon approval with TPA
  4. In case cashless treatment not available, submit the bills to TPA for reimbursement of payment.

Complete Details on BSNL Group Mediclaim Policy Draft

Whether BSNL MRS Scheme will continue even Opts for Health Insurance 2024?

Yes, the management will continue BSNL MRS (Medical Reimbursement Scheme) for their employees even after registration with BSNL Health Insurance scheme 2021. But the employees may take LOA permission for hospital treatment and has to pay bills by employee. After fund allotment, BSNL will reimburse the bills to the employee on submissionthe employee will reimbursement

Whether employee can avail MRS and BSNL Heath Insurance at a time?

No, It is not possible for any occasion. BSNL Health Insurance may claim through hospital request on admission, where claims settled by the TPA(Third Party Administrator) of Insurane Company. But the MRS may settle by BSNL to employee after submission of medical bills.

Can we apply this, If already having Health Insurance policy?

Yes, even if already having Health Insurance, you may subscribe to this best health insurance. Because it available at discounted premium rates with corporate discount.

Can BSNL Health Insurance may renew automatically?

The employee may ask the option before expiry of health insurance (before August 2022) for renewal of next year.

Can BSNL employee opt for long term health insurance policy cover?

At present the insurance cover is valid for only one year. At present any company in India provides 1 year validity health insurance policy only.

Will the premium charges for BSNL employee health insurance may differ each year subscription or fixed?

The charges now applied are as per the present situation. The premium charges may reviewed every year before renewal.

Can we add family members after policy commencement?

No, it is not possible, Employees should add the family members before commencement. After second renewal or first-year expiry, you may add as per that day conditions.

Will BSNL health insurance continues after retirement?

No, the subscribed BSNL employee health insurance will provide only upto superannuation. After retirement, the retiree may opt for other medical insurance from any General Insurance Provider without the intervention of BSNL. If policy lapse, new insurance subscription will start from 1st year.

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