IGRS Telangana for eStamps, Market Value Search, EC & Certifed Property Document Online

Avail IGRS Telangana services online | Get activate Telangana registration and login to IGRS for eStamps, Property Market Value Search, EC and certified copies of property. Also get Marriage Registration, Firm or Society registration…

IGRS Telangana

The IGRS Telangana department is well known as the Registrations and Stamps Department of the Telangana Government.

This online portal is dedicated to providing the citizens of Telangana with the records and details related to any immovable property such as land and landmarks which can be accessed by citizens during any disputes.

At the same time other than this, the portal also serves to provide the citizens with different services related to stamps and payments such as e-Stamps registration & payment, Slot booking for citizens, EC Telangana apply and search, marriage and property registration as well.

Name of the PortalTelangana Registration (IGRS Telangana)
ObjectiveRoyal Record Keeper providing Telangana registration to citizens of the state
StateTelangana, India
Official web portalregistration.telangana.gov.in
IGRS Whatsapp number91212 20272
Toll-Free for Enquiries18005994788
Grievance emailgrievance-igrs @ igrs. telangana. gov. in
IGRS Telangana

To be precise, there are a lot of services that IGRS Telangana department provides to the citizens which we will discuss further.

Through this article we will go over some of the important services Telangana Registration, and the ways to access it after you learn more about IGRS Telangana account registration online.

Telangana Registration Portal Services

  1. Property Registration
  2. Prohibited Property
  3. Marriage Registration
  4. Society Registration
  5. Firm Registration
  6. Information on Chit Fund
  7. Stamp Vendors / Notaries / Franking Machine

Telangana Registration

Before we head on to learning the use of online services, we will first

Go through the quick process of Telangana Registration account through which you can learn to create your IGRS Telangana account.

  1. Open Telangana registration portal at registration.telangana.gov.in/citizen_registration.htm
  2. Enter Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Email ID, Password
  3. Provide captcha shown in the image
  4. Click on register button which will send an OTP to your mobile number
Telangana Registration

Enter the OTP received on the next page your account may registered.

How to Check Encumbrance Certificate on IGRS Telangana

One of the main things to look ahead when you want to buy a land or property would be if it has no legal issue to confirm that you can find its encumbrance certificate from Telangana Government. You can find this encumbrance certificate online by following the below instructions.

  1. Open Telangana IGRS online portal from here https://registration.telangana.gov.in/index.html
  2. Click on Encumbrance Search (SC) from Online Services section
  3. A new popup window will appear click on continue and then click on submit button to move forward
  4. Search for Encumbrance page which will open where you will have to select between either Search by Document Number or Search by Property
  5. Method 1: Select > Search By Document Number. Fill document number, year of registration and registered at SRO number. Click on submit button to get your EC certificate
  6. Method 2: Select > Search by Search Property > Enter all the property details > click on submit button > EC certificate may shown
  7. In this way you can use the IGRS Telanagana government online portal to get an Encumbrance Certificate (EC).

How to Use IGRS Telangana for Market Value Search

This may understood that the land and property values do not be the same across the years. It does not mean the rates would change exponentially. In order to provide the citizens with a proper market value on the land and property details they can make use of the market value search tool.

  1. Open IGRS Telangana official website at registration.telangana.gov.in/index.htm
  2. Under Online services, Click on Market Value Search option to continue forward
  3. Select District, Mandal and Village from the given drop down options
  4. Click on submit button
  5. Now the search will show all the address under the searched village with list by door wise

How to Check Certified Copy on IGRS Telangana

You can check the certified copy of your document from the below instructions.

  1. Open the IGRS Telangana online portal
  2. Click on Certified Copy under Online Service option
  3. On the next page you will have two options which are
  4. Certified Copies of Registered Documents (On Payment) – Click on this link and then you may redirect to the MeeSeva online portal through which you can get your document
  5. “Certified Copy of Document (New Registrations Only)” – You will have to login with your account details to get the document.

How can I see EC in Telangana?

You can check the Encumbrance certificate in Telangana by visiting the IGRS Telangana online portal. Under Online Services click on Encumbrance Certificate (EC) then fill in your details and submit to get your EC in Telangana.

Can I check property owner documents in Telangana?

Yes you can check the property owner details using the certified copy. It is under the online services provided by the IGRS Telangana online portal.

What is Encumbrance Certificate Telangana?

The certificate provide by Government of Telangana through IGRS Telangana online portal from particular land or property mentioned is free from any legal dispute.

How to get Telangana land registration documents online?

If you already have land registered under your name then use the registered document search to find details. Go to the IGRS Telangana online portal > Property Registration. Under this page click on Registered Document Details and log in with your account to get the details.

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