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Download TS EC or Search Telangana EC online to check property owner and registered area perimeter details without any charges at…

Telangana State Government has taken up the initiative by bridging the Encumbrance online, which does help an individual property owner to get the Telangana Encumbrance certificate online, and any property that is registered in the sub-registrar office does have an TS EC and that can be now taken through the medium of internet.

The source where the TS EC from the registered office or by doing self-search is the same, and so there will not be any difference in the content of the Encumbrance of your said property, and these are must if you’re trying to apply for property details in case you’re trying to buy or to produce to the bank if you’re trying to avail a loan.


If you want to get an Encumbrance certificate for your property in Telangana state, then there are some must be said documents, and as per these documents only you will be able to get an TS EC from yourself to search through online, and anyone from the below can be used to get an Encumbrance certificate.

  1. Year of Document and number of document
  2. House number or flat number along with full communication address
  3. If property in village it should have survey number and as well the plot number
  4. SRO office or District selection address to be mandatory

In sometimes, the property owner shown in EC Telangana will differ from Telangana property tax receipt due to demise of the owner or any other conditions, so at that time you may check the details.

Importance of TS EC

If you don’t know what exactly an Encumbrance certificate is, then you can go through the below points and know why exactly the EC Telangana is required.

  1. When you buy or sell a house, a Telangana Encumbrance certificate is required
  2. To apply for a Bank loan an EC is a must for owner verification
  3. EC does describe the history of your property
  4. A proper Telangana EC of a property or loan means it is fully verified
  5. It acts as complete proof of your property ownership
  6. Property transaction happened in past will be displayed in EC
  7. Sale Deed, Partition Deed, Release Deed, Mortgage Deed, and more will be recorded in EC
  8. EC does contain volume number along with document number of each transaction
  9. If you buy a new property then you must check EC for sure for history

Charges to Pay for EC Telangana

In Telangana to get an Encumbrance certificate, you must normally pay some charges if you’re using the service from the stamp office, else you can directly to the short page of the Encumbrance certificate online for free. Below are charges that will be asked for giving a Telangana EC.

  1. A Rs 25 as service charge along with some legal price based on the age of the applicant
  2. If the age of the applicant is less than 30 years, then they should pay 200 as a service charge
  3. If age is above 30 years, then they should pay 500 for a compare Encumbrance certificate

Telangana EC Search

To get an Encumbrance Certificate in Telangana you can use the online process and if you want to be clearly aware of it, then just go through the below-given procedure for Telangana EC search and your TS EC printed online.

  1. Go to Telangana Registration and Stamps department web portal at
  2. Go to Online Services and Click on E
  3. Click Encumbrance Search (EC)
  4. Tap on Submit to agree with the disclaimer
  5. Select By Document Number
    • Enter Document Number, Year of Registration, Registered at SRO
    • Click Submit
  6. If Selected By Property
    • Select District, Mandal, Village from the dropdown
    • Enter Door Number, Flat Number, Ward, Block
    • Provide Plot Number or Survey Number to search for vacant land
    • Click Submit
  7. Tap on Download to get into your drive or PC
EC Telangana

That’s it, Your EC Telangana will be checked and verified with details, and once verified, you can get the Encumbrance certificate at any Telangana center and as well you will get a mobile SMS with the status.

Difference between TS EC and Occupancy Certificate

An occupancy certificate is a document that makes you legal to use various civic services such as water, electricity, and sewer pipelines, and these certificates only referred to the fact that these properties are clear to use the go internet provided services irrespective of ownership of the property, and the ownership will be seen from EC Telangana that is provided as legal property document.

What is Form 15 and Form 16 in Encumbrance certificate

Based on the property type and its cognition the Encumbrance certificate will be issued in two different forms which make it clear with the property ownership.

Form 16: If you’re getting an Encumbrance certificate Form 16 then it will show a NIL certificate which means that the property doesn’t have any dues during that given period.

Form 15: If an Form 15 is issued, then it meant that property has got gift, partition, mortgage, registry number of documents and other details of history of property

Does the Telangana EC Search need government proof?

Encumbrance certificate of Telangana can be applied by anyone for any property, as these need a clear document number and property details which will only be with the property owner, and in case if someone is going to buy the property, they can also get the Encumbrance certificate which doesn’t ask for any government proof.

Is there validity for EC Telangana

No, the EC search Telangana taken in full will list the history of the property from the date of its evaluation till the date you have taken the EC, and it does contain every owner name along with different document numbers which were used during the property transaction.

How many years EC be provided for a Home Loan?

Usually, the bank does ask for a minimum of 15 years of TS EC for the property and if it is a private bank it would ask even more, and the period of EC Telangana online serach will depend on your bank type and their regulation, based on which you need to apply and get Encumbrance certificate for that piratical said period.