TS Tax Payment for House Tax Telangana and Status

Pay Telangana property tax due online using online banking, UPI payment and Find complete sources for TS tax payment towards house tax telangana bill amount payment and for status in online on demand…

Telangana Government has given some relief to property taxpayers by announcing the Early Bird Incentive, and this offer is given a 5 percent rebate on payment for taxpayers for the financial year 2023-2024, where the offer was first announced for residential owners and has now been extended to ULBs.

As a property owner, it is a keen responsibility to pay TS Tax Payment towards the property tax that may applied on a property, and this amount goes to the Telangana state government, which does utilize this money for development projects.

Telangana Property Tax

The house tax telangana receipt for every owner will be provided by local authorities during the month of February to march, which the owner should pay by using any of the below-given, Where the online mode is very easy to pay TS property tax total outstanding before the due date, check the live process

TS Tax Payment

Telangana state government has organized the e municipal official website for the citizens of state for ease of their services. Use below tapes to make house tax Telangana payment of property tax through the e municipal page.

  1. Visit Telangana municipal official website emunicipal.telangana.gov.in
  2. Click Services and Property Tax
  3. Scroll down, check option and click on pay your tax online and to open the page https://cdma.cgg.gov.in/cdma_arbs/CDMA_PG/PTMenu
  4. Enter your PTI Number and Know Property Tax Dues
  5. Check the property details and payment
  6. Enter Amount to Pay
  7. Select Terms and Proceed
  8. Select Payment Mode and make payment
  9. Download the Receipt for Telangana Property Tax paid

Hyderabad / Secunderabad citizens can now have a chance to pay the property tax made official GHMC website. This allows TS tax payment instantly for all property tax as follows

Pay GHMC Property Tax Online

The public service and infrastructure projects under the state will be having a major share from individual taxpayers, and the tax paying will be different based on location which differs as per the development and current property rate.

Have you paid your Property tax by online or offline mode. You can get the receipt for the same and check the payment status. The payment status updated instantly in the Telangana Municipal and GHMC official website.

House Tax Telangana Payment Status

  1. Visit CDMA Telangana municipal web portal emunicipal.telangana.gov.in
  2. Click on Services, Property Tax, Property Tax All
  3. Tap on Pay your Tax online to laod the page https://cdma.cgg.gov.in/cdma_arbs/CDMA_PG/PTMenu
  4. Click on Check your Payment status
  5. Select Payment Type as Property Tax
  6. Enter PTIN Number
  7. Click Get Details to show the present status of Payment

TS Property Tax Payment Offline (Other Sources)

If you don’t prefer to pay the TS property tax online, there are many Seva Kendra centers for the benefit of citizens. Visit any of the below centers to make the payment of property tax in offline.

  • MeeSeva center’s
  • Citizen Service Center
  • Bill Collector Office
  • State Bank Branch

cdma.cgg.gov.in Property Tax Calculator

  1. Open https://cdma.cgg.gov.in/CDMA_PT/SelfAssessment/PT_Tax_Calculator
  2. Select District, Muncipality, Colony, Locality, Zone and other
  3. Enter Plot Area, Floor No, Constructed length, Plinth Area and other
  4. Click Add measurment
  5. Check the tax amount

As the Telangana state includes many urban and rural bodies, the tax differs majorly in these areas. The property tax for residential and commercial may calculated using the online calculator or by using the offline formula. Here we have a process to calculate property tax for residential and commercial use using their different formulas.

  • Property tax for Residential Property = Plinth Area *(monthly rent per square feet * 12) *(slab rate) -10% depreciation +8% library cess.
  • Property Tax for Commercial Property = 3.5 * Plinth Area * month rental value in square feet
  • The monthly rent value determined by the Telangana state government based on property location and under which zone they fall.

What is the penalty if property in Telangana not paid?

The state government has applied 2 percent intent on the amount of Telangana property tax dues, if not paid before the due date. The interest rate may add with the total amount of tax dues by the end of every month which extends after the due date.

What happens if we don’t pay Telangana Property Tax?

If any property owner is liable for property tax proposed by the Telangana state government, then they need to make payment as early as possible.

The first date of payment will be before 31st March of every year and as the days increase the extra interest will be applied on the amount accumulated. Else your property will be listed in the defaulter list by the local municipality official.

Can I Make a Partial Property Tax Payment?

Yes, the government of Telangana has given a flexible payment option for property owners to pay their dues, and they can visit the nearest center of property tax for payment of the part amount, to avoid any interest on tax, it is advised to make the full payment in installment before the due date.

Can Telangana property tax portal GHMC are same?

Property owners of Telangana state except Hyderabad can have to pay through epaycdma.telangana.gov.in, where as the property owners of Hyderabad can make the payment GHMC property tax portal, where both are different.

Why does the government collect property tax?

The property tax collection made twice a year to accommodate the infrastructure of the city and its surrounding. Government works for the development of the surroundings done with the amount collected in the name of property tax.

Why is it necessary to pay Property Tax in Telangana?

The Property Tax is under the regulation of state and central, for the upliftment of roads, schools, footpaths, parks, and more, thus every property owner must make their property tax payment which is mandatory, and they indirectly pay for using government property which is termed for public use.

Does Telangana property tax same for all?

The Telangana Property tax for the building and the lands is based on the area of their residing along with the type of structure. Based on this, the property tax divided into commercial and residential front, which thus varies in property tax formulae.

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