NMMC Property Tax for Payment and Search Online

Looking to pay your NMMC property tax online? It’s now easier than ever with our user-friendly search and payment system. All you need is your NMMC property tax code, which we’ll show you how to find. Let’s get started!

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation shortly referred to as NMMC, which looks after the municipal services in their Navi Mumbai region. NMMC has its basic source of income from the tax collection, which may done once every year.

NMMC Property Tax
NMMC Property Tax

Every owner of domestic and residential property is levied with an applicable tax based on their property type and size. Once an amount fixed as NMMC Property Tax, it has to paid mandatory to the municipal corporation within the same financial year. These ways property owners contribute to surrounding development and do enjoy the services provided by Municipal Corporation.

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The Payment of NMMC Property Tax dues within in due date does keep your tack clean and will avoid adding any penalty charges in excess. We bring you a detailed guide to make payment for property tax in quick steps online.

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NMMC Property Tax Payment Online

  1. Use nmmc.gov.in URL link to visit the official website
  2. In Home page scroll down to Online Service and select ‘Property tax’ option
  3. In new page, enter the property tax number in property code
  4. Click on Search button and wait for details displayed below
  5. Verify the owner’s name, property details along with the amount fixed as tax
  6. Once verified, click on Pay Button and move to online payment mode

How to Search NMMC Property Tax Code

Have you forgotten you’re tax code or details of your NMMC, then you can use the official website of Navi Mumbai Municipal corporation to get them online.

  1. Visit the official website of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation nmmc.gov.in/navimumbai/
  2. Select property tax forms the Online Services menu from Homepage
  3. Now click on Search property’ and select ward details from drop down
  4. Select Sector, plot from drop down option and enter building number
  5. Fill owner name and click on search button to find your details online
  6. If matched, the code along with due details may displayed
  7. Us these details in Online payment

How to Self Access NMMC Property Tax

Property one does have an opportunity to self assess the property tax for their property, if the amount decided by Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation doesn’t look satisfactory. If found reasonable under assessment, the Property Tax amount changed as required.

  1. Visit the official website of from your browser nmmc.gov.in/navimumbai/
  2. Under Online Service, select the link of property tax to load
  3. Here click on Self Assessment and then start filling your details
  4. Once filled, Click on Compute Property tax to calculate the tax
  5. The assessed tax amount as per your details shown on screen
  6. Official will verify details by visiting and confirm same may paid

How do I download my NMMC property tax receipts?

In order to find out the NMMC old receipts of your property tax payment, then you need to head over nmmc official website and go to property tax then click on receipt search where you can enter the receipt number to download or save in PDF format.

How do I find my NMMC property code?

In most of the cases if you have already received your nmmc property tax payment receipt made, then your NMMC property code may listed on. Or else you can log into nmmc official website and search based on the owner’s name to find the previous property tax payment receipts that will have the nmmc property code.

NMMC property tax name change request?

In order to change the name of your property tax receipt, then you have to visit the nearest municipal office of your locality with your property proof and name change request letter that has id proof that has the name you want to change the name to.

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