Privacy Policy

Through this page, you will be able to understand and grasp the information that we collect when you visit our website and pages through

What Information do we Collect?

On our website we collect information of any individual only when they post a comment or reply to any of the commence on our posts. And the only information stored will be the details provided by you along with the posting IP address for security and analysis purposes.


We enable advertisements on our website in order to ensure that our website visitors are always enriched with new content and articles that are earned through the ads that we show on our website. We do not have control over the ads that are shown since we are aligned with certain Partners whose publishers ads are targeted based on your preferences and searches.

We may use different third party advertisement platforms such as Google Adsense which may use the Ad codes on our website in order to retarget to show you preferable ads based on your cookies through Google which we do not control.

This website abides to Google AdSense Program Policies, Terms and Conditions, and be updating to Google Ads Data Processing and Protection Terms

Tracking & Cookies

Cookies have become a common technology which we also utilize in order to ensure that when you return back to our website, and we may suggest your better content and provide you with a better user experience. We do not store explicit information other than your search preference through our search bar, your default language and comment profile that you prefer to post with on our website and we adheres the GDPR compliance.

Information Disclosure

We understand that your information and privacy is important in this digital word and we ensure that we do not forward or transfer your information to any third parties for any advertisement or other purposes. We only receive your information through the comments you make that you agree to post on.

Security & Third Party Access

In order to ensure secure browsing while accessing our website we provide you with a HTTPS/TLS encryption which is used in order to transmit any data that you prefer to share with us directly to us only. We use Google Analytics and advertising platforms codes on our website to track the performance of our website which is not inclined to one individual and we do not foresee your data being shared with them from our end in any sort.