Property Tax Receipt Download Telangana with GHMC in Online

Now download GHMC Property tax receipt online, Print Telangana property tax receipt at anytime after payment, Check the source and how to download…

Telangana state government, brought various reforms for the development of the state, and there are services provided to the citizens of Telangana state through the government under their municipal office in every area.

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One task of the municipal office in Telangana is to issue and collect Telangana property tax for every inch individual property owner. Property tax issued for every house and open land based on the type of their utilization which segregated in forms of commercial, agricultural and residential purposes. In this guide, you may get to know the process to print or download GHMC property tax receipt and for entire Telangana property tax.

GHMC Property Tax Receipt

The Telangana property tax for the residents of the Hyderabad region will get their receipt from the GHMC official website, and here is the process about how to download GHMC property tax receipt online which you can use for further usage.

  1. Visit the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Official website
  2. Click on Online Payments from the menu options provide on top
  3. Select Property Tax and wait for the tax page to load in the new tab
  4. Click Print Receipt
  5. Provide PTIN number
  6. Select the receipt and download

The GHMC property tax receipt or Telangana state search may download through municipal website with simplified process shown

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Property Tax Receipt Download Telangana

The property owners of Telangana state may know how to download the property tax receipt in online at anytime even after payment for old or new transactions as like below

  1. Visit the e-Municipal Telangana official website for your browser using
  2. Click on Pay your Tax online
  3. In the property tax payment page, click on Print Receipts
  4. Here enter the PTIN number
  5. Click Display Receipt option provided
  6. The list of receipts with PTIN numbers loaded on-screen
  7. Download the required

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What does Telangana Property tax receipt download copy contains?

The property tax receipt of Telangana and GHMC may download when the property owner makes the payment of their tax dues, where the receipts with respective financial years will be available containing the details of PTIN number, name of owner, house number of property and details of land.

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What if I miss my Property Tax Receipt?

The official website of Telangana e-Municipal and GHMC will have the last paid receipts available. Property owners can use their PTIN Number and get access to the GHMC property tax receipt to view any time in future.

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Can I change the owner’s name in the Telangana Property Tax receipt?

The property tax receipt will contain the name of the existing owner as per that particular financial year. Any changes in the name and details of owner may change in future property tax receipts and an older receipts will have the same older information.