Dharani Portal for Telangana Land Record Management Online

Dharani portal features and services presented, Know How to register, Login, reset forgot password for ధరణి తెలంగాణ, Also Check land record in TS Dharani, Check Pahani Document using Khata Number, Registration details and application status, Check Survey number pending for clearance…

Government of Telangana has brought Dharani portal which is an official integrated land records management system. ధరణి provides various services to the citizens to check their land records online. Slot booking, cancellation, grievance on land matters, technical issues, ratification and more services are available in these portals.

Bringing the ధరణి online has brought a one-time solution to all citizens to check their land records online and as well apply for the services instantly without actually visiting the RTO offices.

Options such as NALA without passbook, pending NALA, Court cases, Semi urban land, lease, partition, GPA, sale deed and other concerned information is made available through Dharani portal.

Service Dharani
State Telangana, India
Objective Integrated Land Record Management System
Official Website dharani.telangana.gov.in

Dharani Portal

The Government of Telangana to bring an effective and efficient way of service for the land registration and administration has introduced Dharani. There are some features which will be offered by the ధరణి.

  • Integration of all departments with multiple applications to choose innovative modern technology for service
  • Single portal to manage land records that include the updating and maintaining of records, survey, maps and registration data
  • ధరణి brings an auto option after the successfully registration process has been completed for mutation
  • Fetch Encumbrance certificate to view current updates of land from its origin
  • View list of cases that are registered if any on the land
  • It is full source of data related to the land records in state
  • It uses GIS tools for textual data and real time basis update
  • Information about purchase, selling , mortgage at time of land transaction is updated

Services Provided by Dharani

Let us quickly have a glance at the services offered by the Dharani Portal for the citizens of Telangana State.

  • Succession and Mutation Service
  • eChallan Status
  • Agriculture Income Certificate
  • Land Conversion NALA
  • Land Valuation Certificate
  • Certified Copy of Land
  • EC Details
  • Duty and Fee Calculator
  • Payment of Registration Services
  • Public Data record entry
  • Booking and rescheduling of Slot
  • Tracking application and view receipts
  • Encumbrance Search
  • Dharani Slot Booking For Registration
  • Slot Rescheduling for Registration
  • View Receipt
  • Unite Rate for Stamp duty.

If you’re a citizen of Telangana state then you will be eligible to get registered with the Dharani portal and get access to use their services. Here is the process which you can use and get signed up with Dharani.

Dharani Portal Registration and Login

  1. Open the official website on your browser using dharani.telangana.gov.in/citizen
  2. Click on New User Sign Up
  3. Enter your Name and Mobile number along with Captcha Code shown
  4. Click Validate and Register to get OTP
  5. Enter OTP, Validate and Provide desired Password, Click Submit
  6. Provide the captcha code along with login credentials
  7. Click Get OTP and Validate
  8. After validation, user may login to the TS Dharani to use the special features

How to Reset Dharani Telangana Forgot Password

The Dharani forgot password, also easier if you have got yourself registered with portal. Do have the registered mobile number with you. Here, the detailed process which you can follow and reset the password online.

  1. Visit the Dharani official portal and wait for home page to load
  2. Tap on Login button from the top right corner of page
  3. Click on Forgot Password in login page and wait for a while
  4. Enter your username and then click on next to move further
  5. Fill the OTP received and confirm it for identity verify
  6. Set your new password and click on submit button
  7. That’s it, The Login Password for your account has reset and you can move further to use తెలంగాణ ధరణి services form the citizen services with the new password set.

How to Check Land Record in ధరణి తెలంగాణ

The citizens of Telangana State can anytime use the Dharani portal to fetch their land records and here are steps which might help you to get land details online.

  1. Go to the official website of తెలంగాణ ధరణి portal using dharani.telangana.gov.in/knowLandStatus
  2. Login with your credentials and then select Registered Document Details
  3. Select the options from drop down and enter your registration document number
  4. Click on submit to fetch your information
  5. That’s it! The details available in the portal with respect to your land details provided loaded on screen. These details can viewed to check the information and also printed for your easy service.

How to Check Pahani Document using Khata Number in Dharani

The citizens can check the Pahani Documents or ROR 1B details from the Dharani portal by using their survey number or the Khata number.

  1. Go to the ధరణి portal provided by Telangana State Government
  2. Select ROR-1B & Pahani from list of services form left side of page
  3. Choose District, Division, Mandal and Village form the drop down entry
  4. Enter the Katha or survey number and click on Get details below
  5. That’s it, Once you click on it, the details of land records available with the details provided will display on screen. This information can select and printed for your further reference.

How to Check Application Status from Dharani Portal

Have you applied for any document in the Dharani portal then there is an option to check your status in quick steps.

  1. Load the official website of ధరణి using https://dharani.telangana.gov.in/ApplicationStatus
  2. Select Application Type from dropdown
  3. Enter your Application number and provide captcha code
  4. Click Fetch details to get the application status on screen with the exact status of the application.

How to Check Registered Land Details Dharani

In Dharani portal you can view your registered land records which will be helpful to confirm the registration and as well to buy the new land form someone else.

  1. Visit the Telangana Land Record website Dharani form your browser
  2. Select Registered Document and wait for the page loaded
  3. Choose District, SRO and Book type form the drop down
  4. Enter the Year and Document number then fill Captcha Code
  5. Click on Submit button and wait for details to fetch
  6. That’s it, the portal will load the information of your registered document from its records and will display on screen for your future reference.

How to Check Survey Number pending for Clearance Dharani

ధరణి provides various services for the citizens of Telangana state and here is one more option which lets you know the survey number pending for clearance online.

  1. Go to the Telangana Government official land record portal
  2. Click on Citizen Service Corner and then wait for document load
  3. Tap on Know your Land Status and then select ‘ Record of Rights’
  4. Click on Survey Number Pending for Clearance in that option
  5. Enter the details Survey number, Village, Mandal, Division and District
  6. Fill the captcha code and then click on Get Details at bottom
  7. That’s it, The Dharani Portal will display the list of survey numbers that are pending for the clearance and these will ensure you have safety while buying the land.
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Can I reschedule the slot booked on Dharani?

The reschedule or cancellation of slots for your application service form Dharani portal is always possible. Individuals can use these options before the actual time of slot and get it rescheduled as per their convenience without any excess charges.

Are court cases updated in Dharani?

The Dharani portal does bring information about the land related cases in court, as well they clearly notify you about the court stay, injection, restraining order or any such information of blocking of lands. The clear information from the court will be updated in Dharani Telangana to have transparency.

Are there any services for NRIs in Dharani?

The Non Resident Indians can anytime use the option for E Property Pass Book form online and use it to perform the land related transaction on Dharani Website. These portals can be used from anywhere and the services will be fully online as well as quick in process.

Can I take Dharani EC as proof for Loan?

At the initial stage of your loan processing, the EC from Dharani portal can be taken as a proof of your identity. However during the actual process, the Bank does ask for an offline full printed copy which can be obtained from the nearest registration office.