Koshvani Uttar Pradesh for UP Employee / Pensioner HRMS & Finance Reports

Koshvani web portal is a gateway or IFMS portal for state finance activities related to UP employee and pensioners, Find Koshvani Uttar Pradesh account registration details for the employee…

Uttar Pradesh state government has brought this amazing service to get the updated information to state employees on their total spends on their entire salary through KOSHVANI portal.

The same portal also has a link that gets every individual employee to get their updated Koshvani salary slip for that month, and the information to this KOSHWANI website is updated by the assigned DDO and Nodal office who are directly linked with the finance department of the state.


The same calculation provided here will be directly sent to employee accounts as their salary credit and giving the government a clear view of how much exactly has been spent on employee salary.

The KOSHVANI website does not ask for any login or password rather having your registered mobile number linked with the portal, and here we describe your process that needs to follow to access the KOSHVANI website portal pay slip page.

Koshvani Registration

  • Visit the department or account office to local your DDO officer
  • Submit your information along with an active mobile number
  • Details are verified along with registered mobile number information will be thereon updated by the DDO officer
    • That’s it, once the details are updated, the employee will be able to access the KOSHVANI pay slip page with their registered mobile number, and as only with the OTP sent, the pay slip will be accessible to employees.

Koshvani Uttar Pradesh Portal Services

  • Employee Salary Reports along with U.P.State Employee Data, Financial Statistics
  • UP Pensioner Corner for Pension Payment Details, Category wise pensioner and Search a pensioner
  • Remittance & Payments
  • UP State Expenditure Reports
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Data Transmission Reports and many more related State Finance

Is there any Login option in KOSHVANI Portal of Uttar Pradesh?

No, there is no login option for Uttar Pradesh employee even after UP Koshvani account registration, as their major search Pay Slip is provided to them by means of their registered mobile number, and the details of employees regarding employment can be checked with their DDO officer offline.

How to Change Mobile number in Koshvani Uttar Pradesh website?

If you have lost your registered mobile number or are having trouble using it, then you need to submit a number change form to the DFO officer with your supporting documents, and the DDO will verify your details and update your number in KOSHWANI website, which then allows you to get the Pay Slip with help of OTP sent.

How much time does it take to receive an OTP?

The One-time Password sent to a registered mobile number will hardly take a minute and if there are trouble receiving the OTP, then you must try to restart your mobile device to allow network connections.

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  1. Koshvani is not sending otp from April 2021 it show a pop up that your otp has been send to your mobile but it not come please solve this issue.


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