Dharani Portal Slot Booking for Citizens to Verify Land Records

New Identified process for Dharani Portal slot booking presented, Find the steps involved and book the slot for EC search and more land record options…

Dharani is one portal for land records of Telangana State with options for various services to their state with Citizen login. Dharani Portal is an integrated land record management system developed by the Revenue Department of Telangana State.

The administration services of the registration office combined with the land registration details in Dharani to provide various options in an effective manner. The registration or any other service slot booking made online by using the Dharani portal.

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Land administration through one portal does help to increase the transparency during the registration and avoid the fraud, as any loan or court cases on the property displayed on screen. Land record search and the other registration process of agricultural land made possible by using the Dharani portal.

Dharani Portal Slot Booking

Dharani Portal Slot Booking Process

Here we let you know the process of how to book the slot for land through Dharani Portal. Just follow these quick steps and get your slot booking through online.

  1. Visit the official Dharani Land and Records portal from your browser using the dharani.telengana.gov.in
  2. Here click on Agricultural and then wait for the options to load
  3. Click on Slot Booking from left side options to load the page
  4. Tap on click here to continue and sign in with your mobile number
  5. Enter the Password and verify with OTP received to your number
  6. In these page, you need to select the service by providing details
  7. That’s it, Once details are provided citizens need to select the option for the slot available and then tap on the preferred timing for slot booking. The confirmation message for slot booking may sent to your registered mobile number.

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What is the user ID for Dharani Login?

The mobile number with which the citizen of Telangana state registered with Dharani portal will be as your User ID. As well every time you access the login page to book slots or do use any service, a One-time password may sent to your registered mobile number.

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Does Dharani Portal book slots for Registration?

Yes, if you’re playing for registration of your land or going to buy any new land. Then you must enter in the Dharani portal and the slot booking facility utilized. The Registration office will seek your name for that time, as to check if you have booked the slot for registration.

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Can I apply for Mutation of property from Dharani?

Yes the individual who has just got register for the land, can utilize the option of mutation which may automatically populated. This may quick and easier after your registration processed, so that the property mutation will quickly update all the existing records.

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