Search Dharani Portal for Land Details, Market Value, Prohibited Lands

How to Search registered document details and How to search land details, Market Value of lands and Prohibited lands in Dharani Portal

Dharani Portal is an official website launched by Revenue Department of Telangana State Government. The information with regards to lands and its respective details along with details of owner, land size, type of land and more details are provided here.

The information in the Dharani Portal is directly uploaded from the Revenue Department where the information is updated. This information is most important for new buyers as they know about the updated records in the revenue department with the information of current owner, type of land and if the land is fully clear for purchase.

The Dharani Portal has reduced the frauds during the land registration in Telangana State by providing updated information to the owners and keeping the records always updated from the local Revenue department.

Dharani Portal does bring an option to check for the registered documents details from online by using their document number and year. Here is the detailed process which you can follow and get to view the details.

How to Search Registered Document Detail

  1. Visit the Dharani Official website form your browser
  2. Now click on Registered Document Details form the list of links provided
  3. Here choose District, SRO, Form of Book and Year of Registration
  4. Now enter the document number form the Land document paper
  5. That’s it, The document details with latest updates on Government revenue records may update in a new window. Individuals can download these details and verify the current owner’s name with various other information about the land.

How to Search Land Details from Dharani Portal

The Land details from the Dharani portal will update the details of land which updated in the Dharani database from the registration office. Here is the process which you can follow and get the land details online.

  1. Go to the official website of Dharani from using link
  2. Click on land details search and wait for the new page to load
  3. Here enter details of pattadar passbook number along with Aadhar number
  4. Select district, Mandal, Village from the drop down options
  5. Fill the Captcha Code and click on get to fetch the details of Land
  6. That’s it, the details of documents for your land displayed in the new window. The details include land owner name, Pattadar name, and survey number, extent of land, document type, passbook number, map location and etcetera. Citizens can use option of download to print document as soft copy.

How to Search Market Value of Land in Dharani Portal

The Market Value of Land may easily checked from the official website of Dharani portal by providing the details as shown in the below process. These values are important to determine the stamp duty during the registration process.

  1. Visit the Dharani Portal official website form the government of Telangana
  2. Now click on Market Value form the left side option provided
  3. Click on it and wait for market value of lands for stamp duty to load
  4. Select district, manual, village or city or town from the drop down
  5. Select the survey number or sub division number from the drop down
  6. Now enter the Captcha Code and then click on Fetch button
  7. That’s it, the details of the market value for that particular survey number displayed on screen. The government values may used while the land stamp duty processed.

How to Check Details of Prohibited Lands in Dharani

Details of Prohibited Lands in Dharani portal updated from the Revenue Department and the local Registration office. Thus one can easily check the formation of prohibited lands from the below given steps.

  1. Launch your browser and search for official website of Dharani Portal
  2. Now click on Home button and tap on Details of Prohibited Lands
  3. Tap on click here to continue and wait for new page to load
  4. Select District, Mandal and Village from the drop down list provided
  5. Enter the Captcha code and tap on Fetch to search details

That’s it, The details of prohibited lands from the provided village may displayed on screen as a list along with their detailed information. One can download the softcopy form the portal after fetching the information.

  1. Can I view court cases on Dharani Portal for any land?

    The Dharani Portal does have information about the current court cases or the lands that may restricted for buying. The portal gives enough information about the land which illegally processed or is pending in court for clearance. The details of land based on court and pending will also updated here.

  2. Does Dharani Portal update about loans on Land?

    The current EC from Dharani Portal or the registered document detail will give you information about loan if any on loan. The loan information may update in the registration document, such that any new buyer will have enough details about the land and if any existing loans warned at an earlier stage.

  3. Will Dharani Portal update daily?

    The Dharani Portal is now a main source of information for the revenue department in Telangana State. The details of land and other information about registration processed and updated through the linked application in the respective department to have the Dharani Portal updated with all information.

  4. Can we change details in Dharani Portal for land?

    There is no way that one can change the details of land in Dharani Portal, as the details in portal updated from actual land documents. Thus any information in Dharani Portal always linked with the documents that the land owner possesses.

  5. Can I get full registration document from Dharani Portal?

    The information about the owner and their details of land may taken from Dharani Portal. The full document of the land may collect from the Revenue department by paying the documentation charges.