Apply Telangana Duplicate PPB for Lost / Stolen / Damaged

Check how to apply for Telangana pattadar passbook duplicate PPB for lost / stolen / damaged cases. Find how to download TS PPB online on payment…

Telangana Pattadar Passbook (PPB) is an official document paper that is provided to the landowner who is the successor of that property. The Pattadar Passbook does contain the information of land along with full family details and as well the details of share in property.

The Pattadar Pass book is must to look at when buying or selling a land. It is the only source of land from its existence. In most cases the Pattadar Passbook gets old and gets damage due to long time, but not to worry as Government of Telangana state has brought Dharani Portal for citizen services.

Telangana Duplicate PBB

Telangana Pattadar Passbook and other documents related to land available online, which may accessed anytime as per the individual wish.

To get access to Pattadar Passbook and other services from citizen option, it’s require to register with Telangana Dharani Portal. After getting registration with Dharani portal to access their services, you may allowed to get PPB.

How to Get Telangana Duplicate Pattadar Passbook (PPB)

In case your Pattadar Passbook lost or stolen or damaged, you still have a full chance to get it from official Dharani portal. Here is the process which you can follow and get the Pattadar Passbook.

  1. Visit the official website of Dharani Telangana from your browser using
  2. Click on Agriculture
  3. Tap on Application for Duplicate PPB
  4. Click on Click here to continue and then enter your login credentials
  5. Next select the details and provide your passbook number
  6. Click on make payment for duplicate passbook from Dharani
  7. That’s it, The Pattadar Passbook for the number provided issued and able to get it from Dharani Portal by visiting nearest revenue office.

What happens if I don’t get my Pattadar Passbook from Dharani?

The Dharani portal will have the actual information of the land which is the Pattadar Passbook in detail. In case the details fetched from online, the individual has to visit the revenue department. It is to check if they are using Telangana Pattadar Passbook number or for some changes in their name.

Can I register based on Pattadar Passbook information?

The Pattadar Passbook is the oldest source of the land and the details of the property are real in it. Thus anyone who is willing to buy the land, has to check the Pattadar Passbook and can take them as basic to register the land. This does have actual and real detailed information of land.

What happens if I don’t have Pattadar Passbook number?

The individual can use the Dharani portal or visit the nearest sub registrar office to fetch their land details. The individual has to bring survey number and khata number if available to fetch the land information, by which Pattadar Passbook number may taken from official data present.

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