Telangana Land Conversion Process to Non Agricultural Land

Telangana Land conversion process is identified, Find detailed information on NALA, it’s non-applicability, documents required, Know about NALA tax based on population of locality followed by some…

Telangana State, newly formed state which has a great development in its industrial and commercial sectors. In view of development, there is a large space of agricultural land which utilized for the industrial or commercial space. Thus as per the land regulation of India, an agricultural land can’t used for commercial or residential or instructional purposes, until it has converted properly.

The conversion of land into its particular type is very important for the development, which is referred to as the Non Agricultural Land Assessment Act. The NALA Is one such name given for conversion of agricultural land into nonagricultural land, which does go with a large set of processes.

Non Agricultural Lands Assessment Act NALA

NALA was introduced in 1963 which regulates the process of converting the agricultural land into nonagricultural land in Telangana. The Non Agricultural lands assessment act does show any land which does grow crops or gardens or pasture is an agricultural land. On the other side, industrial purpose means the land used for manufacturing units or any heavy equipment along with using such lands for commercial purposes by laying large foundations of buildings.

Non Applicability of NALA

The Non Agricultural Lands Assessment Act doesn’t apply for a few lands whose categories that clearly described below.

  1. NALA is not applied for any lands that under the estate of non-Government
  2. NALA Is not significant for any land owned by central or state government
  3. As per NALA, any land vested by local authority can converted to non-agricultural land
  4. Any land on which local authority does gain some income will derived from NALA
  5. Religious or charitable land or education institution are not in NALA

Documents Required for Land Conversion

Here are some lists of documents which must kept while you process the land conversion in Telangana.

  • Land Conversion Application Form
  • Value Certificate form Sub Register office
  • Ration Card for Residential proof
  • Pattadar Passbook of Land
  • Land title Deeds
  • EPIC card
  • Aadhaar Card


Any land which used for non-agricultural purposes is liable for payment of NALA tax. Land owners need to pay the NALA tax before they are trying to convert the agricultural land into non agricultural. There are two factors based on which the NALA Tax issued which are below

Nature of Industrial, Utility, Commercial or Residential

The Population of Locality

Let us give you brief about the NALA Tax for the conversion of agricultural land by the below listed points

  • For a population less than 10,000 the rate of assessment per square meter will be 50 Paisa for industrial purposes and zero from commercial, residential purposes.
  • Population between 10,000 to 50,000 the rate of assessment will be 50 Paisa for industrial and commercial purposes, whereas 5 paisa for residential.
  • For a population between 50,000 to 2, 00,000 the rate for assessment will be 75 paisa for industrial and commercial purposes whereas 15 paisa for residential.
  • For a population above 2 lakh the rate of assessment will be 100 paisa for both industrial, commercial and 20 paisa for residential purposes.

Telangana Land Conversion Process

Once you have identified the NALA Tax along with required documents, now you can move to follow the process for conversion of Land through Dharani Portal.

Application for Land

The Individual has to get the land conversion application form. It needs to fill with details such as village, district, Mandal, Name of owner, Survey number and the amount. These application forms have to submit to MeeSeva by paying the process fees. Then the same will forward to the revenue department.

Notice of Demand

Once the application has approved, the revenue inspector will issue the notice of demand. Moreover the intimation of payment for land conservation can taken from the MeeSeva operator.

Pay Assessment

Firstly, the amount issued by the revenue department has to paid within 30 days of the approval and sanction of demand notice. Secondly, the landowner can make the one time conversation tax to the government by challan. Finally, get the receipt such that the revenue officer will issue the certificate within 30 days.

Land Conversation

Once the certificate has issued, the land conversion will made from the agricultural to the respective non agricultural and industrial or commercial or residential purposes.

Inspection by Authority

The revenue inspector will measure and inspect the land for conversion. It would be perfect when he looks as per the papers.So the final check by the revenue officer is necessary and he should not issue a notice by any means.

District Collector

Once the land converted. The district collector office visit the site every 3 months to look for the usage of land for correct pursuits. The land must used for proper residential or commercial or industrial purposes, as proposed during the land conversion.

  1. What happens if land is used beyond the land conversion agreement?

    As per the rule, the revenue official or district collector official will review the land for every 3 months. If any deemed conversion has been seen, then the penalty will be laid on the land which will be about 50 percent or more with respect to the total conversion fee.

  2. What is Land Conversion?

    There are large portions of agricultural land in the state which, to be utilized by the owner or any new buyer for the purpose of residential or commercial purposes, has to be undergone through the land conversion process. The process has to be followed as the NALA act 1963 does look for agricultural land safety.

  3. Is land Conversion necessary to use for residential purposes?

    If any builder is using the agricultural land for residential purposes, then the NALA Tax along with the land conversion process by taking approval from respective authorities has been processed. In failure of such an act, the land will be seized by the government and will be taken for permanent non conversion to non agricultural land.

  4. Is Land Conversion processed through Dharani?

    The application form for the Conversion of land of Telangana state will be available in the Dharani portal. The process however will be processed through the MeeSeva center but the individual can get every information about the land conversion from the Dharanai portal.