Form 15G to Prevent Deduction of TDS and Form 15G Download

According to the Income Tax Act of India, Form 15G is a declaration that people use to indicate that their income is below the taxable threshold and that, as a result, no TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) should be applied on the interest they get from their investments. Usually, banks and other financial institutions receive

AICPIN for JANUARY 2024 – Updated Consumer Price Index

Find current month AICPIN January 2024 for All India Consumer Price Index Number released on 29.02.2024, Check AICPIN table for CPI numbers of any month for industrial workers and calculate new IDA rates as per the formula… AICPIN This is the statistical number factor that helps in determining many things in the economic sector, All

Credit Analyst Salary, Job Description & Role Analysis

Credit analyst salary based on their experience, qualifications, job roles and responsibilities, Find where can they find credit analyst jobs… Credit Analyst A credit analyst job might sound cool to some people and in fact it is a profession linked to the financial and banking sector where the role involves employees to make decisions on

Maharashtra Dearness Allowance Rates for Employee

New PRC applicable Dearness allowance Rates for Maharashtra employee updated as on date from beginning. Check the DA rates applicable and when increased… Dearness Allowance is a part of basic salary structure of an employee and for the state government employees, the Dearness Allowance is all decided in the state cabinet meeting. The union government

Chandigarh Employee DA Rates – Updated New Chart

Chandigarh Employee DA Rates for UT State government employees and retired employees, will be increased with a value as mentioned. The hike in the salaries and pensioners announced as per the AICPIN released by CG and approved the same for employees after their budget session meeting of SG. The Employees and Pensioner of Punjab State

TNEB Reading Details to Check Billing Status Before Payment

Check TNEB reading details for general and EB customers and find the bill status online before issuing the bill for payment of the electricity bill as per current TNEB reading… Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited is under the TamilNadu Government, decides the unit rate applied to electricity usage. This price is the same