CEO Full Form and their Roles / Responsibilities in Company

CEO full form Chief Executive Officer is just not a title it is a great responsibility, as they are responsible of managing an organization. Find CEO roles and responsibilities, qualifications, some of the top-rated CEOs and their qualities. CEO usually reports to board of directors and appointed or elected by the board of directors of

Business Development Executive, Salary and Job Description

Business development executive bridges connections with clients for company’s strategical growth & revenue. This article covers Business development executive salary, Job description, roles and responsibilities. Business development executive is one of the most critical roles for any organization. This role demands high communication skills and strategical thinking in order to build business proposals, client connections

What is DA and Types of Dearness Allowance in Salary

Dearness Allowance is roughly termed as cost of living adjustment. DA is a compensatory allowance offer to public sector employees along with pensioners. DA is a component in salary which is applicable to every employee in India. Dearness Allowance The Dearness Allowance earlier called Dear Food Allowance, and later rename as DA for the Government

Superannuation, Employee Retirement Fund and Benefits

Superannuation is retirement pension scheme of funds will contribute by both employee and employer. Retirement Age limits, benefits and withdraw, pension of funds attached with strings of terms and conditions. What is Superannuation Superannuation is a guaranteed retirement funds for which some percentage of gross salary will auto deduct to certain funds during their employment

EPF Housing Scheme Loan or Withdrawal for House Construction

Complete details are presented about EPF housing scheme introduced by EPFO applicable for all EPF members of any organization for withdrawal of funds or to EPF Loan… The Employee Provident Fund scheme is a well-organized Government entity which has created the EPF scheme at first to help the retirement funds for millions of Indians all

Appointment Letter Meaning, Sample Letter Format in Word / PDF

Appointment Letter or Job Employment Letter will have employment details of commencement date, work location, CTC, Work hours, Probation, Confidential Policies, Terms & Conditions in sample format. Appointment letter or Job employment letter is one of the crucial procedures for any organization during joining formalities. That means, it is usually step after accepting the job