TNEB Reading Details to Check Billing Status Before Payment

Check TNEB reading details for general and EB customers and find the bill status online before issuing the bill for payment of the electricity bill as per current TNEB reading…

Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited is under the TamilNadu Government, decides the unit rate applied to electricity usage. This price is the same for everyone around the state and the meter billing is all considered to be similar.

There are differences in unit price as per the usage of the electricity, as it changes gradually as your units increase. TNEB is also the largest electricity supplier all over the country and holds their customers in the best convenient way to check status and TNEB online payment.

TNEB Reading

TNEB Reading Details

Here is the steps you need to follow and check your status of TNEB Reading details to get the exact reading for EB bill and Normal customers to know the billing calculation

  1. Browse the TNEB reading page directly from the link
  2. Choose a Region and Provide Service Number
  3. Enter the registered mobile number and security code
  4. Proceed and Enter your registered mobile number
  5. Tap on proceed to get TNEB reading details

Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is the only source of power distribution in Tamil Nadu state, and it does provide electricity to every consumer at affordable prices. The electricity processing is quick, and it gets install within short of consumers register with their department.

TNEB Reading Calculator

Want to know how much your bill by yourself is, then you can try the below process and get to know your details about the TNEB online reading.

  1. Launch TNEB New Tariff master page
  2. Select Tariff and then select TNEB billing cycle
  3. Provide the details as asked in columns and type of connection
  4. Fill the details like contracted load, consumed units, KVAH and then tap on submit to proceed

That’s it, based on your provided info, TNEB Reading details online displayed on your screen. This you can check your generated bill and verify if your correctly generated bill forms the electricity department.

How to Activate Mobile Number for TNEB Reading SMS Notification

Get the update on your Reading details to your mobile number and here is the process to get yourself register and activate mobile number reading notification.

  1. Go to the official website of TNEB by using
  2. Select Region from the dropdown
  3. Enter Service Number
  4. Provide the Receipt Number for the transaction
  5. Enter Your Mobile Number to Update
  6. Click on the Register number button and wait for OTP sent to your number
  7. Fill the same and verify your details to register yourself with TNEB

That’s it, TNEB mobile registration is processed and you will now able to receive the reading details to your number directly.

Reading Details Complaint cell

If you have any grievances with TNEB Reading details, then consumers can reach the official representative of T.N.E.B to report their grievances. Make sure you have your bill in hand to repair on lodging TNEB complaint.

  • Cal 1912 to report for any power supply complaints
  • Call to 044 28521109 to report a grievance to Chair Complaint Cell
  • Use 9445850811 to report the complaint through WhatsApp

Can I pay my TNEB Bill Reading Payment Offline?

Customers who have received their TNEB Bill Reading, can visit the breast TNEB office and make their bill payment for the month. Also they can use any service center operated for bill payment to make payment for their bill.

Where can I see the consumer service number?

The consumer service number for your motor is seen on the Meter bill that is provided by the TNEB official. This is a 10-digit long service number, which is unique for your meter and that helps you to make payment as well as to extract the details of your TNEB reading status.

Can I delay the TNEB Reading Bill Payment?

Consumers are advised to make the payment for their TNEB Reading Bill within the time provided. If they delay in making the payment, a minimum penalty charge is applied to their next month’s bill which increases your bill without any interruption in the connection.

What happens if you don’t pay the TNEB Reading Bill for 6 months?

As per the regulation of TNEB department, a consumer given an exception for at most 2 months and a maximum of 3 months to make their payment. If the payment is delayed further this date, the connection to the consumer meter is disconnected by TNEB officials.

What is unit charge apply for TNEB Reading above 300 units?

The unit price of TNEB reading this month from the official website of TNEB, as they changed with small amounts as per declaration by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The price will be around Rs 8 which will further increase if your consumption is above the limited units.

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