All India Consumer Price Index Number (AICPIN) for September 2021

Find the current month (September 2021) All India Consumer Price Index Number, Check AICPIN table for CPI numbers of any month for industrial workers and calculate new IDA rates as per the formula…

Consumer Price Index

AICPIN is the statistical number factor that helps in determining many things in the economic sector, All India Consumer Price Index Numbers, even so-called as the Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (Base Year 2016=100).

Where can you find AICPIN?

In order to find item wise AICIPIN details, you can simply head over to the Indian government’s website, and you will find all the details, However, to make it easy for you, you can get the month-wise and price index number details for the current and old months for commercial and non-commercial at this website.

From the website, choose the month and then select the download type, and you can download the file in multiple formats like XML, JSON, XLS, and so on. Simply choose your preferred option, and select the purpose for downloading the file for list of item wise index numbers.

Also, you should know that Consumer Price Indices (CPI) measure changes over time in the general level of prices of goods and services that households acquire for the purpose of consumption, and the AICPIN in the table are widely used as a tool by governments and central banks for different purposes and how the economy is performing in the current situation.

AICPIN Table for Month Wise Consumer Price Index Numbers

Month 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
January 274 288 307 330 340
February 274 287 307 328 343
March 275 287 309 326 344
April 277 288 312 329 346
May 278 289 314 330 347
June 280 291 316 332 350.5
July 285 301 319 336353.7
August 285 301 320 338 354.2
September 285 301 322 340

118 (Base year 2016)
October 287 302 325 344
November 288 302 328 345
December 286 301 330 342
All India Consumer Price Index Number List

CPI(W) or Price Index Number as per old series can be obtained by multiplying the index numbers on the new base 2016=100 by the linking factor 2.88 and rounding off the result to the nearest whole number. EX:- 119*2.88=343

After releasing of the above Consumer price index numbers by the labour bureau of India, one can know the AICPIN numbers (as per the new CPI for industrial workers) in the table and then calculate the new CDA rates applicable for Central Government Employees and IDA rates for PSU Employees which to be revised against employees salary.

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