AIMS Mobile Railway Pay Slip Download or Email

We will provide about the Pay slip generation/download for salary details of Indian Railway employee from AIMS official with RESS mobile application for Android or iOS device.

Government of India along with Indian Railways has begun to develop an Accounting Information and Management System (AIMS) to service their employee through the Railway ESS Portal RESS to get everything from the web portal which has made the effort of employees to decrease.

Now here, you may the complete details about how to pick the salary details for any month you wish to generate and download the Railway Pay slip or email through the AIMS mobile app.

AIMS Mobile RESS Salary Slip Download

This process of RESS AIMS Mobile pay slip is only for those employees who have registered with the RESS portal by looking at the below steps

  1. Open RESS App on your Android / iOS mobile
  2. Login with your registered RESS login credentials allowing valid ID and password
  3. Verify the details at top page (Name & Employee Number)
  4. Tap on Salary
  5. Select Type of Slip
  6. Select Monthly or Yearly or Supplementary (Labels shown above)
  7. Select Year and Month from the drag down or Type the required
  8. Click Submit
  9. Check all the payslip details shown label-wise (Personal Details, Earnings, Deductions, Summary)
  10. Click on Download If required for the November 2023 RESS salary slip
  11. Tap on Mail PDF if required to send a PDF document to the required email address.
AIMS Mobile Payslip RESS App

Downloading the RESS salary slip from RESS mobile app makes it very easy for employees to get on hand whenever required.

RESS for iOS Download

At present RESS mobile app not available on iStore for iOS device, so, you may now download with iOS link as mentioned below for your iPhone or iPad requirement

  1. Unlock your Apple device
  2. Go to browser and open the link for RESS iOS link
  3. Enter Employee Number > Mobile Number >
  4. Provide Date of Birth > Verification Code > Click Proceed
  5. Download and Install RESS App on your iOS device
  6. Follow the process as per your requirement as said above.

Can we use the same login password for AIMS Mobile and RESS Login?

No, both logins are different and can use with different passwords after registration for RESS portal and App to download payslip or for other HRMS activities.

Is this payslip generates from RESS login portal differs from AIMS mobile railway?

No, RESS payslip generates every month by railway authorities for an employee uploads at the same time for both the servers. If anything found different, just approach concerned authorities immediately.

Is mobile number mandatory for each RESS login?

No, only at the time of registration, Railway employee registered mobile number mandatory to get OTP, but after that, it’s not require for each login.

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