Patta Chitta Online Certificate Extract from Permanent Survey Land Register

Login to Patta Chitta land record portal at to print Patta Chitta online, Get Tamilnadu land record EC online certificate extract from the town survey permanent land register…

TamilNadu towards its way to digitalization has come up with the Patta Chitta online portal which has become a necessary means to know more about the land details available in the state.

If you are finding yourself in a corner to find details about the land records in TamilNadu. You may readily make use of this website TN eservices Patta Chitta EC portal. This is only one which has all the relevant information about land and property like Tahsildar making it right option.

In simple words, we say that, just take a wise decision on buying a property on checking Patta Chitta portal. This will give all the information about the owner, land, and much more that will help you make your decision.

This portal is different from TNREGINET services, where TNREGINET provides Online EC View, birth certificate, death certificates, and more. This provides a complete certificate extract from the permanent town land survey register. In this article, We are going to discuss the Patta Chitta online platform and complete services of the portal.

Patta Chitta

The State Government of Tamil Nadu creates Patta Chitta which is only legal documentation required to establish the rights against a land or property.

This means all the previous documents used will be nullified making it easier for the public to use one legal document to learn more about lands in TamilNadu.

The reason establishes to provide everyone with clear information about the land, owner and transaction details to ensure that proper buying and selling takes place.

Though after the launching of Patta Chiita online portal, still you can find the offline copies from the Tahsildar.

One of the key pieces of information is to understand that before 2001 Patta and Chitta were two different things. But after 2001 they were merged into one. Before you continue forward to learn more about this land record TN eservices online platform.

Patta Chitta Online

This online self management tool allows to apply for your own Patta Chitta from the portal, Just simply follow the instructions below to do so.

  1. Visit the TamilNadu official website portal for Patta Chiita from this link
  2. Click View Patta / Chitta
  3. Now you may redirect to their land records details page where you will have to select the District and Area Type
  4. Select District from dropdown
  5. Tap on Rural / Urban as per your area
  6. Click Submit
  7. Select Taulk, Town, Ward, Block from drop-down options
  8. Tap Survey Number and Sub Division Number
  9. Enter Authentication Value shown
  10. Click on the submit button
  11. Now on the screen, You can find your Patta Chiita certificate regarding the ownership of the land.
  12. Click on Print to print directly or to download the page.
Patta Chitta

TN Patta Status Online

If you have recently transferred land in your name to transfer it to someone else then it may to check Patta Chitta status online as shown below.

  1. Open the webpage to check the status
  2. Enter your application ID
  3. Provide captcha code from the image
  4. Click on the Get Status option and you will be able to check your status online.

Validation of your Patta Chitta certificate is necessary. In order to do so, simply add a reference number to it which you can do by following below steps.

How to Validate TN Patta Chitta Certificate Online?

  1. Open TamilNadu eservices website at
  2. Click on Verify Patta option
  3. Enter your reference number
  4. Click Submit button to validate your land certificate with your reference number.

Are Patta and Chitta the same now?

Yes, patta and chitta were two different legal documents related to lands in TamilNadu before 2000. But after 2001, the state government of TamilNadu has merged both of them into one.

How can I change my personal details in Patta Chitta like name?

No, though the Patta Chitta portal is online, you can’t able to make the changes online and the only way you can make changes like name or more is through offline only.

Where to download the Patta Chitta app from?

Patta Chitta mobile application with the name Amma App on Android and you can find this from the Google Play store and start using the app right away.

Can I transfer my land from Patta Chitta portal online?

No, in order for you to transfer your land you will have to visit the Tahsildar office offline and transfer it from there. TN Patta Online you are able to check the status on the transfer of the land from the Patta Chitta portal.

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