TN EC View Online or Download TN EC at TNREGINET

Get a print of TN EC online or view TN Encumbrance Certificate (EC) from Tamilnadu Government against your property, Check your property details at TNREGINET EC Online portal as per the new process…


The Encumbrance Certificate is an important part of a property, which gives detailed information on the current property from history, and this EC for a property is provided by the sub-register office which has been registered.

In past days, citizens have been reached to the sub-register office and get their EC requested to print, and this might have taken days to get the EC for a property, but the online TN encumbrance certificate option by the Tamilnadu Government has helped the citizens to get it in quick time.

This also helps the citizens to check if the property is free from legal or monetary liability, such that you can proceed to buy the property in the state. To get your Encumbrance Certificate online from the official TNREGINET portal of the Tamilnadu government, you may please have your property details with you while trying to get the Encumbrance Certificate online with the below process.

TN EC View

  1. Visit Tamilnadu Registration Department weblink to open TN home page
  2. Select the English Language at the top-right if required
  3. Hover to E-Services from top menu
  4. Go to Encumbrance Certificate > Tap on View EC
  5. Select EC to view your Encumbrance Certificate
  6. Select Zone > District > Sub Registrar Office
  7. Provide EC Start Date > EC End Date
  8. Select Village (Area)
  9. Enter Survey Number > Subdivision Number
  10. Click Add > Type the display security code shown
  11. Click on the Search button and wait for the results to display
  12. That’s it, the Encumbrance Certificate for your provided property details will be displayed on the screen.
  13. Select the option and get the EC downloaded for your future reference.
Tamilnadu Encumbrance Certificate Online Download Proccess

Can i Get any time TN State Property EC in Online?

In many areas the TN EC online view is available from 01.01.1975, but in some areas it is available from 1983, 2007 etc, so check the date of EC availability if getting an error when downloading.

Should I Pay for an Encumbrance Certificate in Tamilnadu?

No, as the TN EC view is now being provided from the online service, citizens should not pay any amount for this certificate, so just use the online download process and get the Encumbrance Certificate downloaded from the Tamilnadu Government website.

Can I take an Encumbrance Certificate Offline in Tamilnadu?

Yes, the owner can visit the sub-register office in which their property falls and request them to print your property Encumbrance Certificate or ec view by filling an offline form.

Is there any charges for EC in Tamilnadu?

For Offline, an amount of Minimal charges will be taken by the respective representative and they will work on to get your Encumbrance Certificate form’s very first owner title, and this will usually take 1 day, as offline EC will have the sub-registrar stamp as authentication.