Secondary Family Pension Application for Railway Employee

Providing the application and all necessary required documents for sanction of secondary family pension to the unmarried or widowed daughter of the deceased Railway employee, Find the requirements…

Indian Railway does offer Pension option to every employee after their retirement and if the employee does expire during employment, their Pension will be transferred to their nominee.

Thus anyone from the Family being an employee Wife or Husband or Daughter who is a legal hire will be the next possible owner of the Pension. In case the employee of the Railway Department is expired, this Form needs to be filled by the Secondary Family member (unmarried daughter or Widowed Daughter) as per the rules and submit their documents for proof.

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This application form for secondary family pension is for only the Widowed or Unmarried Daughter of the Railway Employee, who is the next legal heir of the pension scheme provided by Indian Railways to employees.

Secondary Pensioner Application & Documents Required

The applicant should submit death certificate of both mother and father along with unmarried / widower, income and no objection from other family members if any, where the application should submit all the 14 types of documents to the concerned for sanction of Secondary pension.

10 thoughts on “Secondary Family Pension Application for Railway Employee”

  1. hi ,i am 50 year old, my father retired from northern railway, after the death of my father and mother i am divorced daughter. can i eligible for pension.

    • When did you get the divorce, if before the death of the mother then you may get pension, if your divorced after your mother expired then you wouldn’t get pension.

    • Yes your eligible, you need to apply for it enclosing all the relevant documents ie, divorce degree ,no income certificate family member certificate, NOC from siblings if any ,Death certificate of your father and mother duly enclosing with application to the concerned department were your father got retired

  2. Is the minor daughter of of expired railway employee is eligible for family pension on her mother getting remarried who is presently the family pensioner of expired employee.

  3. My unmarried sister apply pension on 2010 ckp division but still no progress, I have no idea how can do.

    • sir shrinivas b shindhe my fathers detha 17 years is Railwy piesson my p mother’s 6 years detha my no job unmriried Age 46 year’s sir j help me yis transfer piesson my account my father is Rietveld 1987 waltried please yours Request my email shrishindhe70@. Gmail

  4. My brother retired T.N.Gov. Higher secondary HM married at his 58th year The lady secondary family pensioner at 52nd age married him. After 4.5 years my brother expired. His wife continued to get the railway family pension during that 4.5 years. After that, she started getting a family pension from the T.N gov.
    Is this in order?

  5. My sister is unmarried she submitted all documents no.letter from railway department what to do

    • Please send application thru Registered post, and save the acknowledgment, Meet the welfare officer of your concerned Railway department and get things done.

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