Immovable Property Prior Intimation / Sanction & Noting Transaction Application for Railway Employee

Here are the two types of applications applicable for railway employee seeking the Immovable Property prior intimation/sanction and noting the transaction as per the RS conduct rules…

If any of the Indian Railway department employees with a grade pay level 7th CPC or more wants to make a transaction against the immovable property along with ascertaining the railway department, then this forms need to be followed.

Most of the time the transaction is for houses that are either owned by the railway department itself and employees want to seize the opportunity by buying either from the Railway or some other market source.

Noting Transaction Application

At the same time if any of the employees want to sell as well can use this form through which they can explain the mode of acquisition and reasons, and at the same time, you need to also mention the source for acquisition in case if you need to use your provident fund or personal banking or loan from bank or third party to make the purchase, Let’s have a look at these Immovable Property Railway Employee forms

Annexure 3A

This form is purely designed for Prior Intimation / Sanction under Rule 18(2) of the RS (Conduct) Rules, 1966 for transaction in respect of Immovable property.

In this there is a clause i.e. if Railway employee has officially dealt with concerned party, then he/she must obtain PRIOR SANCTION or otherwise can have PRIOR INTIMATION in the following application

Immovable Property 3A for Prior Intimation / Sanction

Annexure 3B

This form is designed for NOTING THE TRANSACTION under rule 18(2) of RS Conduct rules, and the employee should submit the supportive documents for information

Immovable Property 3B for Noting the Transaction

Through these immovable property application forms, a railway employee can explain the property which you are trying to acquire or trying to dispose of by selling it along with necessary product information so that the department can review this and provide their approval over the transaction to be made on the anticipated purchase or sale date.

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This application form once submitted has to be followed through and if no for any deviation occurs, the respective department has to be notified within the 30 days of sanction being approved.