NGO Full Form, NGO Types, Operations & Advantages

NGO Full form

Full form of NGO is Non Governmental Organization and it is an independent organization which is a nonprofit group. These NGOs also referred to as civil societies and organized at national, Community or international level with an aim to serve for social or political growth by meeting environmental or humanitarian causes.

NGO do play a vital role in the development of nations with their international aid and other philanthropy. These organizations are fully not profit based and can run with a budget of millions which can also grow to billions every financial year.

They depend on private donations and few government based contributions which allows them to run their development works.

What is Non Governmental Organization

An NGO is a private body which is nonprofit based and runs without any intervention from the government. They have their own aims and goals which determined for the welfare of society and development of the economy.

NGO Full Form

Most NGOs do have working people who either paid for their service and some fully voluntary. Based on such types of operation and services, the World bank identifies two types of NGOs which are Operational NGOs and Advocacy NGOs.

  • Operational NGO are classified as Non Governmental Organization which focus on implementation and design of projects for development.
  • Advocacy NGO are other Non Governmental Organization which focus on specific causes and move to seek public influence.

How Non Governmental Organization Funded

There are various means through which a Non Governmental Organization funded. This does come directly through donation or through classified business groups.

Private donations, Membership Amount, Sale of Goods and Services, Grants are some basic types which NGOs funded. Beside here there are few Non Governmental Organizations which do depend on government funding for their projects.

Advantages of Non Governmental Organization

NGOs do reduce literacy levels, improve standards of life, innovative approaches and increase communication. These are some basic advantages which may quickly seen when a proper NGO starts working at any standard of life.

NGO Types

Non Governmental Organizations are classified into different variations which are mainly based on their network and type of work.

  • INGO: International Non Governmental Organization is the NGOs which are part of Conference of INGOs of council of Europe. This does include more than 300 organizations. All international Groups which are non-profit includes in these councils to meet the international standard and development works.
  • GONGO: Government Organized Non Governmental Organization is some groups which do support some non-profit organization for their welfare works in society. There are numerous educational and other similar kinds of groups, fully funded by government but still work as an independent group.
  • ENGO: Environmental Non Governmental Organization is the groups which formed to protect the environment. This also include forest, animals, plantation and more. They raise voice against biggest business groups in country at national or international level. These Non Governmental Organizations fully supported by the public which aims to protect and develop the environment.

Non Governmental Organization Orientation

In NGO there are individuals who work for a salary and few work without any amount but to support the society. Here are some detailed options which are mostly classified based on their support at NGO.

  • Charities: NGO which involve meeting the requirements of people and groups form the disadvantaged poverty line.
  • Service: NGO to provide the service of education and health care to the individual at their needy level. They intend to bring awareness to individuals. It is by allowing them to be a part of the highest level of education in society.
  • Participation: NGO do require the support from individuals along with having tools, money, land, space, labor and materials.
  • Empowerment: NGOs classify by knowing the people’s need at political level, social level and other economic factors which bring awarded in their lives.

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NGO Operations

The NGO full form classified and based on their type of operations and area of interest. Here are some classifieds which defined based on Operations of NGOs.

  • Community Based NGO: These are Non Governmental Organization groups which developed to bring awareness into urban poor and make them aware of their rights. They provide the minimum services for the people who don’t get their actual human needs.
  • City Wide Organizations: These N G O do include industry, commerce, business, education, community groups which provide services to individuals free of cost. They are fully with an aim for development and organizing the developed society for everyone.
  • State NGOs: These are Non Governmental Organizations which are state level that might be an organization, association or any group which has the dizziness from national or international level but only operates at the state boundaries.
  • National NGOs: The N G O do operate in only one country. They intends to develop within its boundaries which meant for their people and economy.
  • International NGOs: These are Non Governmental Organizations form at international level. They do have their operations spread across nations. They have predefined aims and goals for development which also raise voice against big wrong in nations.

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