DOP Meaning & Different Types of DOP Full Form

DOP has got different meaning based on the sentence it is being used and as well it depends on the type of sentence framed. The general forms of words such as doped, doping, dopes usually used in different forms of nouns and adjectives. Proper meaning of word DOP is based on its pronunciation, which termed when it added to some sentence.

DOP Meaning

  • DoP as a Noun generally referred to as a dip, especially of the body or head.
  • DoP, a device which a diamond or any gemstone held while being into cutting.
  • DoP as transitive verb framed to fasten in a dog usually with a stick material.
  • DoP as a noun defined as a brandy of southern Africa similar to French one and made from grapes
  • DOP in British English generally referred to as a toy or small drink, usually alcoholic which is a noun.
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DOP Full Form

The word DOP is abbreviate in different full forms as mentioned below

  • Definition out paper
  • Data Oriented Parsing
  • Degree Of Parallelism
  • Degree Of Polarization
  • Delta upload receptor
  • Dermo Optical Perception
  • Dilution of Precision
  • Dioctyl Phthalate
  • Discrete Oriented PolyOne
  • Discrete Oriented polyhedron.