Incubation Meaning with Definition and Examples

Incubation Meaning

In American English the Incubation meaning referred as a Noun, which does bring meaning as the act or process of incubating, the state incubated and see period. So, In general as well Incubation is a period where something built and grown.

As the growth of startups has risen, people now use the term incubation period as a meaning of the period where the startup being built and has not yet raise the funds or grown to that extent. But in medical terminology, Incubation period meaning is the time during which the child grows in the mother’s womb.

Incubation Meaning
Incubation Meaning

Derivation of Incubation

The word Incubation derived from incubational or incubatory which is an Adjective. The word is a combination of incubate plus ion.

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Examples of Incubation

The word Incubation used in sentences and here are some examples where these words can be used.

  • They discussed rises, Incubation, symptoms, relative cost to MR James
  • The Incubation period will long last for 14 days to 20 days as per records
  • Once the Incubation passed, after two weeks the females will release their young
  • Once the Incubation period is at end, females start releasing their eggs into ocean
  • The Incubation period will last for 3 weeks or even one month
  • They become discolored during the period of Incubation.

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