Emirate Meaning in General Provision

An Emirate is a territory which ruled by Emir. Emirate meaning defined in some differently. At first, this may a title used by monarchs or high officeholders in Muslim world. Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are three Emirates that ruled as independent states. In the past, there were various independent Emirates that are now part of larger states.

Etymology Emirate is termed as the quality, dignity, office or territorial competence of any Prince or commander or governor or high profile people.

Emirate referred federal state which comprises a president and prime minister ruled by the King. In present days, the Kind of Arab or sultan refers to as Emirate for the countries and provinces they rule.


What is Emirate Meaning in General Provision

Emirate as province generalized to mean any province of the country. This may administer by a member of the ruling class. Also this may mainly by a member of royal family, which describe by Saudi Arabian Governance.

There are Emirates which now either ruled by states or involved in different countries or have been demolishing due to the drop of kingship.

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