Beacon Meaning in Different Languages

The word Beacon is a noun, and the meaning profoundly used in different areas of life, subjects and industries. It is all in order to provide essence and virtute to its meaning.

In the literary world of books, reading and learning the word beacon meaning signifies something which is spiritual, guiding, resembling someone great as a person or something that offers light such as lantern or light.

From the below info, you will learn more about the meaning of this word in different languages and areas of life as well.

Beacon Meaning in Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Chinese

We have learnt more about the word Beacon. In general, every language has its own perspective and way of explaining the meaning of words. As such, below are some of the beacon meanings in Hindi, Urdu, Telugu and Chinese languages.

  • Beacon Meaning in Hindi – प्रकाश
  • Beacon in Urdu – بیکن
  • Beacon in Telugu – దీపస్తంభం
  • Beacon in Chinese – 信标

What does being a beacon mean?

In general, when we talk about humans or spirits, then the meaning of beacon stands for someone who guides and offers support.

What is the synonym of beacon?

Beacon has different synonyms in different areas of life, in the field of Army, Navya and Air Force the word beacon means a target or an approaching object i.e, radar. Whereas in general beacon means a guide, person, flare, lantern and more.

What is a beacon in tagalog?

The meaning of beacon in Tagalog is parola, which means a lighthouse or lantern that objectively signifies and means someone or something that guides and offers support.