ITC Full Form and the History of ITC

ITC refers to the Indian Tobacco Company which was incorporated on August 24, 1910. ITC was earlier called Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited and the name India Tobacco Company has progressively come front as the ownership changed.

The company is headquartered in Kolkata and it has presence across the Indian industries such as Hotels, Software, and FMCG, packaging, specialty paper and paper boards. It is said that IT does have 13 businesses in different streams and has been segmented to 5 parts.

 Indian Tobacco Company
Indian Tobacco Company

Yippee Max Masala, Quick Meals Chicken Delight, Yippee Saucy Masala, Tri Color Pasta and Sun feast Pasta Cheese are some of the products from ITC. Indian Tobacco Company is the oldest private sector company in India with a Gross Sale Value to 90 thousand Crores and with having net profit to 15 thousand crores.

On other hand ITC is the largest market leader in Cigarettes in India with a major market share in product and distribution with commitment to quality and innovation.

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