Business Visa Visit allowed for Employee & Duration of Stay

May check about Business Visa Visit allowed for an employee for working in the United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK) overseas branches, and do check in how many days this may be approved…

Business Visa refers to as a temporary Visa granted to an individual by the nation after acceptance of the company through VISA invitation letter to allow them access to their business cards, and this Visa granted to individuals who have set up business in their nation which is under the rules & regulations that support the nation to grow their economy.

In view of such Business deals, the individual can make multiple visits into the nation within the time of their Business Visa Granted. There is no restriction that kept on individuals, despite businessman need to follow some strategic rules to have smooth business trading.

Requirements for Business Visa Allowed

There are some basic requirements that need to met, under which businessmen allowed to enter United States of America or United Kingdom. These are basically the same for both the countries, instead having their restrictions and rules grant to be different as per their rules.

  • Attending Conferences or Meetings which are important
  • To Make Deals with the countrymen for growing business
  • Singing Trade Contracts or Agreements, as we negotiating
  • Undertaking the fact missions by own
  • Visit to check the details or supply of business goods
  • Visit for promotional activities of the business
  • Site Visits to monitor the activity of work processing
  • Deals in Countries must include local citizens permission

Thus, if you have any such important items then a standard Business Visa granted to by the visa approver. Despite any normal reason it will not accepted, even if you own a business in these countries.

How Many Visits for an Employee for Business in the United Kingdom?

An employee who is on to visit the United Kingdom must have few requirements met based on the Visa restrictions. Also the company which is sending their employees as part of business growth, must have their client or set up business in good standards in the United Kingdom.

  • Business Visitors Visa granted to the traveling employee or businessman
  • 6 months of Visa granted to an employee and thereby he should apply for extension
  • Number of Visit to India and then to United Kingdom not limited
  • Employee Can travel inside United Kingdom to have Business Deals
  • No restriction in travel within the 6 months of time granted

Employee Business Visa in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom Authority does give a Business Visitor Visa to an employee or businessmen who is on temporary visit to the country during their course of trading.

This Visa does ask the visitor to travel inside the United Kingdom for a period of 6 months. It is all to undertake their business activities. There are no restrictions for multiple entries under this 6 months Visa grant period.

It is respected that business deals being done. This may increase the mutual understanding between two countries and any offense seen taken strictly.

The Business Visitors Visa does allow a maximum period of 1 year as an extension. Thereby the employee sent back without any extension. The restriction of Business Visa in United Kingdom(UK) must follow, and no trips or other visits allowed despite official business purpose.

How Many Visits for an Employee for Business in United State of America (USA)

The United States of America is a country which asks for much paperwork. During your any kind of visit which is a part of their rules. The regulations asked above should met to travel to the USA for any Business visit.

  • Easily granted to Individuals Belonging to Countries in a good list of USA
  • 90 Days or below may apply form ESTA online system
  • Multiple Visits with proper justification allowed
  • Deals in the USA must increase trade in countries under their rules
  • Gainful employment and loss-making to country not allowed
  • 6 months of a minimum stays allowed for business Visa
  • Extension of extra 6 months allowed in emergency cases

Business Visa for United States of America (USA)

B-1 Business Visitor Visa and B-2 Visitor for Pleasure Visa are sets of Visas which granted to an individual who is on visit to USA for business purposes. B-1 is the major Business Visa which may taken by an employee to get the approval to get their business in the USA.

Despite having business trips or deals around the USA states, they also add the B-2 Visitor for Pleasure Visa. Importantly both the B-1 and B-2 Visa must avail by an individual to have their business in the USA.

If you belong to a country that comes under the B-1 and B-2 Visa Waiver schemes for the United States, you directly use the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation to apply for 90 days or less Visa.

This purpose the employee should not visit the state US embassy in person to apply for the Visa. If you’re trying to visit the USA for more than 90 days, then you need to visit the US Embassy and provide your requested documents for approvals. For more details visit

  1. Can I return to India in 20 days and Go back to the UK under a Business Visa?

    Yes, if you have a Business Visa sanctioned from United Kingdom, then you have the authority to make a visit to India and move back to UK within the time of Business Visa. The justification must valid for multiple entries from and to country, which shouldn’t anywhere make a loss to both countries

  2. Can I go on a Trip under a Business Visa in the USA?

    No, the business Visa restricted to the travels that made for business purpose. Any personal travel or trip that you’re making not accepted in USA. If you have B-2 Visa attached with a B-1 Business Visa, then you can move for a trip.

  3. In how many days, Business Visa approved?

    A Business Visa approved in very less time, which depends on the track of travel. If you have recently traveled, then you use online Visa application of country to apply and get Visa approval within week. In Case you’re trying very first time, it will take time for processing and approval of business Visa. Usually, the travel for Business Visa will take less than one or two weeks of time.