BI Full Form for Different Type of Services

BI full form is generally referred as Business Intelligence which comprises strategies and technologies used by data analytic and management of business. There come various definitions based on the BI full form, as well at the point where it is being used.

BI is used in Military and Defense, Sports, Real Estates, Math’s, Computer Hardware, Messaging, Electronic, Chemistry, Software’s, Indian Railway station, File Type Networking, information technology and Job title.

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Let us have a look at some different BI full forms, which you use in daily life and can be used in daily routine. These full forms are based on regular usage of word BI in stone and documentation, which is actually preferred sentence formation. The abbreviations and acronyms of popular words in relation with BI have been shown as an example here.

BI Full Form

BI Full form

Business IntelligenceBackup InterfaceBus Invert
BurundiBasic Score code include FileBasic Instrument
Build IndexBuffered ImageBus In
Bari SadriBismuthBackplane Interconnect
Burn InBank IndonesiaBack Illuminated
Bank of ItalyBeyond IncredibleBilinear Interpolation
Best IndividualBinary and IncludesBasic Inhalant
Binary InputByte IntegerBinary Icosahedra
Built InBatted InBattlefield Interdiction
Battlefeild InjuryBomb IslandBasic Indoctrination

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