Addition to House Permission Application for Railway Employee

Railway employee must obtain permission for addition to a house through prescribed application, Do check the application process and the required enclosures to submit…

House Construction and remodeling is something that has a lot of additional efforts put in, but before you ensure that the work is started you will have to get the specified permission from the Municipal Authority in order to either construct a new part to your existing house or if you wish to build a new house on your property.

House Permission Application

In such a case you will have to apply through this application form which consists of the information regarding the further construction along with all the costs as well.

Only once this is approved then you will be allowed to move forward with the construction and thus to ensure fast approvals you need to also provide the blueprint of the to be constructed house or addition from your architect.

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The Railway department employee should submit the following duly filled application to the concerned administrative authority with all necessary details and supporting documents.

Railway Employee Application for Permission to Addition of Building

Enclosures to Submit:

Along with House Addition Permission Application, the Railway employee must submit the copies of permission of acquiring a plot of the existing building from the Administration and details of house building advance if taken any to acquire the land or construction to the existing building

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  1. i also applied for Construction before 09 months but no any intimation/NOC received from Security department.

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