Indian Railway Post Retirement Complimentary Pass Application

Here is the application available for Post retirement complimentary pass to railway employee vacation plan, do check the requirements for submission…

The employees of Indian Railways have got various options to enjoy the services even after their post retirement, where if you have retired from the Indian Railway or took voluntary retirement from the service, then you’re still eligible to enjoy the services.

Post Retirement Complimentary Pass Application

The Post Retirement Complimentary Pass is the one that gives an employee access to the premises and experiences the services even after leaving the office.

This pass does help the retired employee to use the Railways for their usages with family and get the lodges booked on their way to vacation, so having a Complimentary Pass will help you during your visit to different cities and reduce your cost of travel.

Post Retirement Complimentary Pass Application


The Prescribed application should be duly filled by the retired employee specifying details of employee with inward / outward journey dates and break the journey if any, and along with this, the applicant should specify the dependents who want to travel.

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The application should have two witnesses who are working employees of the Railway department (recommended).

Enclosures with application:

  1. Photostat Copy of Old Pass issued
  2. Self Addresses Envelop affixing sufficient postal stamps for Registered Post