Railway Application Form for Spectacles Cost Reimbursement

Do find the application to claim the reimbursement cost of spectacles for Railway employee force when purchased for official use on mandatory requirement…

One of the essential reasons why the Indian Railway department and its employees are so connected is its minute welfare reforms, and this application is one such reform through which you will be able to apply for reimbursement of the money for the spectacles you have bought for yourself.

Spectacles Cost Reimbursement
Spectacles Cost Reimbursement

Even though spectacles are a personal belonging but the Indian Railway department amends to repay the cost for the invoice that you submit such that they ideate the feel that everyone’s medical and necessary needs to work properly are aligned correctly.

Railway employee will have to enter the spectacle’s receipt details along with an original copy of the receipt itself, where the duly filled application named as Proforma J of Railway department as mentioned below

Reimbursement Cost Application for Spectacles

The application for reimbursement of the cost of spectacles should sent to the office of Secretary SBF committee through proper channel with necessary recommendation of controlling officer.

After that, the Divisional Medical Officer certifying about proper vision of the employee. Without proper certification, the claim application may leads to rejection.

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