AIMS Mobile Railway Pay Slip Download or Email

AIMS Mobile RESS Salary Slip Download

Download Railway employee RESS salary slip from Employee Self Service Portal on your mobile app, Just login to AIMS Mobile RESS application and get the download or mail your April 2024 month salary slip or yearly consolidated pay details to the source you required.

Higher Studies Application for Railway Employee

Higher Studies Application

Updated application is available here for Railway employee who wants to seek permission for higher studies during their career in Indian Railways… The Indian Railways is well known for giving a fair chance for their employees to grow in their field of interest even during their working periods. If you are an Indian Railway employee

Railway PF Final Withdrawal Form (House Building/ Purchases)

PF Final Withdrawal Form

Here is the new Final withdrawal application form required for Railway employee who wishes to withdraw the accumulated funds from Railway employee PF account on account of House Building construction or Purchase… Every employee of Railway department, sometime in their life seeks to own their own house or build their current property and in order

No Objection Certificate Application for Railway Employee Foreign Travel

No Objection Certificate Application

Do find the latest application form to apply for no objection certificate related to foreign travel of Railway employee while on service, check the requirements for early sanction… If you are working employee in Indian Railways and in case if you are moving to another country then it is necessary that the Railway department authorities

Railway Employee Child Bonafide Certificate Form

Child Bonafide Certificate Form

Bonafide Certificate for a child is a certificate which is issued by the college or school, which is a proof that a student has studied in college during the period, and this is a confirmation from the college or school that, and the student has continued the studies for the mentioned time along with the

Indian Railway Post Retirement Complimentary Pass Application

Post Retirement Complimentary Pass Application

Here is the application available for Post retirement complimentary pass to railway employee vacation plan, do check the requirements for submission… The employees of Indian Railways have got various options to enjoy the services even after their post retirement, where if you have retired from the Indian Railway or took voluntary retirement from the service,

Addition to House Permission Application for Railway Employee

House Permission Application

Railway employee must obtain permission for addition to a house through prescribed application, Do check the application process and the required enclosures to submit… House Construction and remodeling is something that has a lot of additional efforts put in, but before you ensure that the work is started you will have to get the specified

Movable Property Application Form for Railway Employee Intimation / Prior Sanction

Movable Property Application Form

Presenting the application form towards Movable property of Railway employee for the requirement giving INTIMATION / PRIOR SANCTION for noting under Rule 18 (3) / (A) of the RS (Conduct) Rules, 1966 towards transaction… There are two types of application forms applicable to railway employee related to movable property as below, lets do check in