Railway Form 6 (Details of Family Members for Family Pension)

The Railway Form 6 is a statement of application which notifies that the employee has given their family member names for the Family Pension Scheme. Indian Railways is always seen to support their employees irrespective of cadre they are working, and there are numerous schemes that are here to support the employee and their family

Funeral Advance Grant Application for Railway Employee

Here is the enclosed proforma of Funeral Advance grant for Railway employee, do check the application and know the process for submission… Employees are the first point of concern to the Indian Railways and in case of their dismissal, Indian Railways does make sure that their last rights have been performed without any negligence, and

UMID Card Hospital List for Railway & Empanelled Hospitals

Providing UMID card hospital list regarding Railway Hospitals and list of Railway empanelled hospitals with search option accordingly with specialty and zone… If you have registered and received your UMID card from Indian Railways then you should now understand how and where it may used. If you or your family members with the UMID card

UMID Card Status for Application Pending or Approved

In this article we will show you how you can check your UMID card status online for both employees or pensioners and even their family members who might have registered for a UMID card.

Unique Medical ID Card from Indian Railways is helpful to all Indian Railways employees, pensioners and the family members who apply for their UMID card as well. Now that you have completed your UMID card registration for yourself and also for your family members then you can check to see the UMID card status from the My Application Status page.

Once you have completed your UMID application process, then the next step is to check the application status.

How to Check UMID Card Status Online

  1. First login with your employee account details and then click on Menu option
  2. Next click on Dashboard and then from the sidebar, click on My Application Status
  3. Under the My Application Status page you can see your application status either Pending or Approved
  4. Application Pending: If your application is still pending the My Application Status page will show Your Application is Currently Pending at Personnel Branch.
  5. Application Approved: If your application approved then the My Application Status page will show Your Application Approved.

Please note that once your application is approved then you can head to the View/ Download Medical Cards option from the sidebar and then click to download, print on paper or card or print QR code of your medical card or your family member medical card as well.

UMID Card Download Online at umid.digitalir.in

UMID card download in online is one of the accurate options for Indian Railway employees through UMID which essentially, the only card you need as either an employee or pensioner or a family member who wants to receive Indian Railways health and medical benefits, services, and more.

So, in this article, we will show you the quick steps to download a UMID card online. Follow the instructions below to learn to download UMID cards from Indian Railways UMID official website or with a mobile application.

UMID Card Download

  1. Go to UMID official website from umid.digitalir.in and Click login on Top Label
  2. Enter Employee PF Number or Pensioner Number, Password and Captcha code
  3. Enter Captcha and Click Login
  4. Go to Sidebar
  5. Click on View/ Download Medical Cards option from the sidebar
  6. It will show all the eligible medical cards for all the family members and employees as well
  7. You can click on them to either Save them on your phone or Take a print on either paper or card and even have the option to print only the QR code for the medical card.

To utilize this card in hospitals, this may available in online only after after approval of the concerned authority of Railways.

Railway RELHS Declaration for Joining ReOpened Health Scheme

Railway Pensioner can now find the prescribed declaration form for joining into reopened health scheme RELHS 1997 offered by Railway board… The Indian Railway department allows their retired employees to opt-in for the RELHS scheme of the year 1997, and the RELHS scheme stands for Retired Employees Liberalized Health Scheme which is an effective medical