Railway Employee Child Bonafide Certificate Form

Bonafide Certificate for a child is a certificate which is issued by the college or school, which is a proof that a student has studied in college during the period, and this is a confirmation from the college or school that, and the student has continued the studies for the mentioned time along with the location.

The Letter Head from the Indian Railway with Bonafide Certificate will provide a confirmation of employee awardee for their studies with the amount of stipend received in means of scholarship and direct payment.

The Bonafide Certificate from the department will ensure that He/she will be a direct student of the institute and thus one should apply this form to get the original Bonafide Certificate form department.

Child Bonafide Certificate Form
Child Bonafide Certificate Form

As we all know that the Indian Railway has different schemes and reforms not just for the employees but their family including childrens as well, and you can use this application form to get the bonafide certification by the school or institution that your children is studying in.

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The form should be filled by the employee itself where you need to furnish the children details with the amount that you are paying for schooling and all, and in this way the application form filled once will be reviewed and then certified by the supervisor in order for you to get reimbursed for fees and payments.

School / College Bonafide Certificate Form

This bonafide certificate should declare that the student of their college which is a relation as Railway employee child do studying in the college since the date and this should be attached in original to the scholarship form when submitting to the application to the Railway department.

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