Medical Reimbursement Claim Form for Railway Employee

Medical Reimbursement Claim is an option on prescribed form for every Indian Railway Employee who is termed as permanent employment, and there is health insurance in the form of MIC / RELHS which is given to every employee with respect to their critical and designation of work.

Medical Reimbursement Claim Form
Medical Reimbursement Claim Form

Railway Department employees can make use of the medical reimbursement claim form here to get their paid bills to any hospital or pharmacy to get Reimbursement as per your insurance policy, and on submission of the Reimbursement Claim Form, the company does look for your details and verify them.

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The employee should submit the below duly filled medical reimbursement application form with all the details including treatment details (name of hospital, admission, discharge, diagnosis) at nonrailway institute along with Account number and communication address with attached original Bills and Discharge summary of the Hospital must be kept in.

Prescribed Medical Reimbursement Claim Form

If a Railway employee having a Health Insurance, then he/she may advised to claim the same at Insurance firm and if not allowed by them in any case should submit the same to claim at Railways be getting attested from Insurance company for not claimed, So that the authority verify and approve the Reimbursement Claim amount.

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