PF Loan Declaration Form on Marriage for Railway Employee

Providing the PF (Provident Fund) loan application form required for Railway employee to submit along with PF withdrawn request to process the case during the time of dependent marriage…

If you are a government or private sector employee who has a provident fund then you have savings in your PF accounts, and if you are a Railway employee.

You may submit this PF declaration form to withdraw the money from your savings for marriage reasons such as your son, daughter or sister getting married.

PF Loan Declaration Form on Marriage
PF Loan Declaration Form on Marriage

This is a type of early or partial Provident Fund withdrawal through a form through which you will be able to get your provident fund savings for the marriage reason.

In this form, you will have to ensure to mention the reasons of the whose marriage along with the amount that has to be withdrawn.

Lastly while submitting this the permanent Railway employee need to provide two witnesses (other Railway employee) with their details declaring with the given information is correct and agreed for disciplinary action if found incorrect.

Download Declaration For Provident Fund Loan for Railway Employee

Where this PF advance during marriage do provide only for one event for dependent / family member marriage of railway employee.

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