Railway Unpaid Wage Arrears and Miscellaneous Bills Claim Form for Employee

Find here the Railway employee application form and necessary details required to process the claim of unpaid wage arrears and miscellaneous bills of their work done…

Through this application form, you can apply for the extra payments that you have made for different bills related to work and wages. In the same aspect, if you have not received any of the extra wages that you are ought to be paid as well then you can make use of this Railway application form in order to apply to get those wages claimed.

So, in simple terms, the money you spent on the office work and the money you own from your salary wage can be claimed in case if there has been any due made to you.

Railway Unpaid Wage Arrears
Railway Unpaid Wage Arrears

At the same time, all the information of the payment filled in this application form should be accurate such that no disciplinary action would be taken.

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At first the application has to be filled and should submit to concerned supervisor for necessary verification of processing by certifying with his seal and signature, there after upon keen verification, the bill drawing officer will release the payment for unpaid.

Download Railway Unpaid Wage Arrears / Miscellaneous Bills Claim Application Form

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