Fixed Medical Allowance Application for Railway Pensioner

Here is the Revised undertaking application form for fixed medical allowance for Railway Pensioners or Family Pensioners, Just check the process and submit the new for early sanction…

Either the retired employee or else any member of the family of the Railway pensioner is able to use this undertaking form to claim for the fixed medical fees or allowance for an amount of Rs. 1000 per month.

Fixed Medical Allowance Application for Railway Pensioner

In case the pensioner is deceased then the family pensioner need to mention that and instruct through the application form the reasons for the medical claim and the hospital for the visits for medical check-ups as well.

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At the end of the form, the pensioner of the Railway department will need to furnish your name, SB Account number of the Bank with complete details, PPO Number, bank, and other details for successful sanctioning and approval of the fixed medical claim.

Fixed Medical Allowance Rs.1000 from 01.07.2017 – Application Form

After submitting this newly revised form, the pensioner may be granted the fixed medical allowance and stopped the existing if any, and also recover if any excess amount already paid for the cause, and without this undertaking from the pensioner / FP, the authority may not be issued the fixed medical allowance, so please confirm on contact with authority.