Maintenance Grant Application for Railway Employee

Proforma F for sanction of maintenance grant is available here for railway employee who has not getting salary or pay, Find the application and check the requirements for submission…

This is an application form F which can be used during the times when you are on leave due to being sick for certain medical reasons, where the Indian Railway has a norm and reform that the maintenance grant will be given to employees who are sick and are not being paid, such that they cannot afford their living during the time they are sick.

Maintenance Grant Application
Maintenance Grant Application

The employee should submit the duly filled prescribed application form as available below request the maintenance grant by stating the reasons and the period of Sickness from without pay and the period of patient and outpatient.

Applicant or Railway employee should submit the application through proper channel, at first to the controlling officer by filling the pay details on checking RESS Salary Slip during the the period of sickness and also specify the certificate numbers of fitness, unfit and Intermediate, and after keen verification and recommendation of controlling officer, the application should sent to Divisional Medical Officer of Railways.

Prescribed Maintenance Grant Application Form

With all necessary verification’s, the DMO should send the application to the Secretary and Chairman SBF committe and if the applicant meet these conditions, he/she can apply through this application form the details of your medical sick leave period and explain the amount that you wish to be granted in order to furnish under the Maintenance Grant

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