Reset Rajasthan PayManager Forgot Password for Login

If you forgot your Rajasthan Employee PayManager portal password or lost it, then no need to worry, As we have got a detailed step-wise process to reset your Rajasthan Employee PayManager password in quick time.

PayManager is an official IFMS software that is brought by Rajasthan Government to bring employee services online, by using this software the disburse of salaries to the entire Rajasthan State government employee has become much easier with less manual intervention.

The total spending of salaries is clearly seen with giving an option to employees to check Rajasthan salary slip as well, and there are a lot more services that are provided to government employees through this employee portal, which they can access through a single login.

Rajasthan PayManager Forgot Password

The unique user id and its associated password should be used to login to the PayManager portal, thus it is also common that people do forget the password which can be reset through online only.

How to Reset Rajasthan Employee PayManager Forgot Password

  • Go to Rajasthan PayManager portal using
  • Once the home page is loaded
  • Click on Forgot Password (Employee Login) below the login button
  • You will be taken to Reset Password Form
  • Enter your Employee ID, Bank Account No, Date of Birth, and Mobile Number is optional here, but you need to enter the registered one
  • Click on Verify Contact Number to confirm the mobile number
  • Submit the details to proceed further
  • Once Submitted the details, you will be taken to Password Reset page
  • Enter your new password twice here to confirm
  • Click on Update and then your password will be changed

That’s it, Now you will be taken to Login Page back and can use the user ID with your newly generated password to access PayManager employee page.

Can we change PayManager without Mobile Number?

The password reset option for Employee login in PayManager Homepage does allow you to change the password anytime, and thus employees can reset the Password without their mobile number as well, as the initial bank account and Date of Birth combination are must to reach the Password reset page.

Can I use my User ID as Password for PayManager Login?

The PayManager does allow Rajasthan state government employees to login in to the portal and access their private information, and thus this information regarding employment should not be shared with anyone and the password for this login must be unique, where the username as password is not suggested rather having a combination of different unique characters is allowed.

Does an employee have access to change the user id in the PayManager portal?

No, the username assigned to every employee in the PayManager portal by the Finance department of the Rajasthan government is unique, and this ID is associated with their employment records and thus once this ID is generated, it cannot be changed again. Employees do have only limited access to PayManager portal which allows the government of Rajasthan to maintain the records perfectly.

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