Paymanager Salary Slip Download for Rajasthan Employee Pay Details

Presenting the detailed steps about Paymanager salary slip download through IFMS portal, check the monthly wise gross/net pay particulars which you have drawn…

Rajasthan Government has brought Integrated Finance Management System for its State Government Employees to serve their services. The Pay Manager is an exclusive portal designs for Rajasthan Government employees for their salary bill preparation.

This portal does manage the DA Arrear, Bonus, Arrear, Leave Encashment Bill and other employee billing information. The disburse of salaries to all state government employees with generation of Pay Slip may done using PayManager portal.

Employee do have access to the portal as well using their unique login username and password. The employees of Rajasthan state have limited access to the portal to view their monthly payslip from the employee page, manages by DDO officer.

Paymanager Salary Slip Download

Rajasthan state government employees can download their PayManager salary slip of any month from portal using their login credentials. Here we have given the detailed step wise process to download the Rajasthan employee Pay Slip.

Paymanager Salary Slip Download

  1. Visit the PayManager official website using your browser with
  2. Select DDO/Employee Login link shown below login option
  3. Enter User Name and Password of your employee account
  4. Type the Captcha code as shown in above box
  5. Select Employee from List of option
  6. Click on Login button
  7. See your Login ID with your Name at top of the page
  8. Select Employee Corner
  9. Click on Pay Slip option
  10. Select the Month and Year of Slip from drop down
  11. Click on Submit
  12. A file may download and allow you to save in your downloads folder or path selected
  13. Visit the Download folder and click on file to explore your Pay Slip

By this above way, you can get your PayManager salary slip download in simple steps to check your pay details and status.

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Can we download Rajasthan Employee Payslip multiple types?

Yes, the Rajasthan state government employees are given access to download their pay slip of any month from Rajasthan Employee Page. The employees can access this page with their login credentials and download the paymanager pay slip any number of times of the respective month.

Who can Login to Pay Manager Employee Portal?

The PayManager portal is designed for Rajasthan state government employees and their respective accounts being created in it. Only state government employees of Rajasthan department can use the PayManager portal to access the employee services.

Can we use the Rajasthan Employee Payslip as Proof of Salary?

The Pay Slip generated from Rajasthan PayManager portal for any employee is valid with their official confirmation. The salary slip is a proof of payment being received to employees for the days they have worked with their department. Thus PayManager salary slip download copy can refer as an official proof of state government employment.

Can Private employees of Rajasthan State have a login in paymanager?

Private Employee working under state government will not be having their details and login activation in PayManager portal.

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