Download Karnataka Salary Slip 2021 Monthly Pay Details

Do you want to print or download Karnataka salary slip for working Teachers, Police and other employee to check on monthly pay details, Just login to Karnataka HRMS portal and get download your payslip in new format to check the detailed information of pay towards income and deduction

Karnataka Pay Slip

In the sense of Karnataka Employee, there are a lot of government based organizations and corporations which have thousands of employees across the state of Karnataka, and all these employees fall under the authority of the State government of Karnataka and they have ensured that all their employees can move forward to check all their employee information and mainly PaySlip which is something every employee looks about.

The Karnataka state government has released HRMS which is the Human Resource Management System for all their employees and in this guide we will show you how you can access the platform to get your payslip.

In simple means, Karnataka HRMS means a platform for all the employees through which they can easily find all their through which each registered employee can check all their employee information which include Payslip, leaves and others.

At the same time, the same goes for the administration and through this HRMS login system they can help employees with their request, payslips and more, and below are the actual steps which you should follow in order to simply learn how you can download a payslip from the Karnataka HRMS system in online.

Download HRMS Payslip Karnataka

  • Open Karnataka HRMS website
  • Select HRMS-Govt / HRMS-Aided / HRMS Boards or Universities option as per your employment
  • Enter your user ID
  • Provide Secret Password
  • Enter the captcha from the image shown
  • Select English option here from the drop down menu
  • Click on the Login button to access to the HRMS platform
  • A new window will open on login to HRMS login page
  • Click on Reports and wait for the page to reload
  • Click on timeline and select the time period of salary slip you want to download
  • Click on submit button and this will allow to download the Karnataka Pay Slip in PDF format for you to review.

Sometime you might find that the password is not working which will obstruct you from logging into their platform and from the steps below you can learn how to change your password in online

How to Change Password for HRMS Karnataka – Password Retrieve Process

  • Go to the HRMS Karnataka official website from
  • On the login page at the bottom Click on Change Password
  • Select your Role
  • Enter the DDO code here
  • Enter your old password here
  • Enter the new password which should be different from the old password and Confirm the same new password here once again for confirmation
  • Click on Save button and this will change your password.

Note: The HRMS Karnataka website is not only for the government employee but this can be accessed by members registered from HRMS – AIDED and Boards and Universities as well.

Can I download all Payslips from HRMS Karnataka?

Yes, you will be able to download all the payslip after following the step by step guide and make sure you select the correct timeline while downloading the Karnataka employee payslips.

How to get DDO Code for HRMS Karnataka?

In order to get this DDO Code you will have to check the code directly from the Karnataka treasury official website for your respective area.

Can Karnataka Police and Government Teachers are allowed to generate the payslip from HRMS portal?

All the employees working under state government of Karnataka are allowed to get Salary slip from HRMS portal even having separate web portals to access.

Whether a Bank employee in Karnataka state allowed to get pay slip from HRMS?

Nationalized bank employee is not allowed to get access into state government HRMS, but the cooperative banks and other aided employees also who are working under Karnataka state may allow to access, so you may try to login using your details if you are state employee.

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