SBI Salary Slip Download at SBI HRMS Login

Login to SBI HRMS portal and download or print the monthly salary slip, Check all the earnings of SBI Salary package, Structure, and the details of various Income, Loan, and Taxes mentioned in detail in a slip format for any designation like Clerk, PO, and Manager…

State Bank of India has launched their SBI HRMS portal for their employees as well as pensioners to download their salary slip, arrears sheet, PF and more related to SBI employee salaries for pay and allowances.

Downloading the salary slip is one of the most frequent requests from the employees of the State Bank of India, so Let us have a look at the detailed process in downloading and printing the salary slip from the SBI HRMS portal at

SBI HRMS Salary Slip

  1. Open SBI HRMS Portal

    One needs to visit the official website of SBI HRMS using ESS at

  2. Click on Login

    Provide the login credentials (User ID & Password) on the portal. One should provide the user name and password accurately and should keep it completely safe and also should not share with anyone, and the employee would be asked to provide an answer to a security question to proceed further on the portal.

  3. Select Salary Slip

    Check the various options such as salary slip/pension slip in case of retired employees

  4. Select the required Month

    Once the user clicks on the salary slip, the user will get multiple options such as relevant policies as well as salary slips of the relevant months, and the employee can select the month and download the salary slip of the required month.

  5. Click Download

    Download the salary slip for the required month

  6. For Pension Slip, User may select Pension slip at step 3

    For the pension slip, one needs to click on the relevant link options for downloading the pension slip and other pension details.

Thus, one gets the user-friendly options of downloading the salary slip from the State Bank HRMS portal at which can available as an open-source website through the Internet, so employees can easily download the payslip online when and ever required.

  1. How can I download SBI Salary slip?

    The mentioned process is very simple in online or mobile applications by providing login credentials. Just click on the salary slip and select the required month to download the pay slip.

  2. Can i download SBI Salary Slip Pdf document into my drive?

    Yes, you can download SBI salary slip directly to drive through online portal or with mobile app which is synced automatically on desktop/mobile.

  3. Can i use same user id and password for SBI HRMS Portal and MyHRMS App

    SBI employees and pensioners can use the same user id and password for SBI HRMS portal and My HRMS App to login for download of pay slip and to apply for leave and to avail HRMS services.

  4. How can I get SBI salary statement for previous months?

    Just select the required month and year from drop down in mobile app or SBI HRMS portal to download the older month salary slip at any time, and there is no limit in number of times to download the pay slip.

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14 thoughts on “SBI Salary Slip Download at SBI HRMS Login”

  1. I am employee of ISS Singapore. How could I get excess HRMS apps.

  2. Please arrange to generate my HRMS Salary slip from August-2017 to till date.
    My PF-Index No: 4xxxx from Bengaluru Circle.

  3. I am not getting my pension slip in my Email for my PF Index ,Green city road,pal adajan,Surat.395009
    Pl. arrange so i can get SALARY SLIP regularly.

  4. I am a retired employ of SBI .My 25xx0 DOB. 12/07/1954 .Ican not generate SBI pension slip through SBI. Com because of I think my username is not associated with my pf no. Please advise me how login HRMS login .

  5. I have retired from RACPC dept from wakdewadi Pune in the post of concurrent auditor in the year 31.01.2014 my eyes mail ID not maintained in Mumbai circle Hrms department through pension branch. How to proceeds my hrms ID and password in sbi website

  6. I, C.P. Sudhir, retired Br. Manager of SBI – retired on 31/12/2013- dob 30/12/1953 PF Id 2451301, not able to submit Investment declaration in HRMS. Mob No. 9846481330. Please help or get me the contact no of the person to be contacted.

  7. Sir
    I ,Maya Bimalkumar Doshi
    Retired SBI officer at Baroda
    My PFnumber 8276951
    My Birthdate 21/02/1950
    I want to update my Mobile number & email on HRMS

    • I Purshottamavachat119 MOB NO 7249618209 AT/28/10/13 FROM CGDA ONE THIRD D/O PENSION SANCTION ON 18/9/13 BY DPPW/DELHI LIFE CERTIFICATE SENT ID NO 2408694089 PL OPEN IMG PL TRANSFER OPEN PPO NO C/ENGR/114338 TO CBI ACT NO 3628685355 OR bom116@ ACT NO 60285973862 PL RESULT.

  8. Ashok Kumar Bijwal

    I am a retired official of SBI, and my PF no. is 1879014. We informed that Bank has rolled out the Pensioner Photo Upload service in HRMS Portal by which pensioners can get the photo uploaded in HRMS Database.
    Sir, the captioned folder is not opening.
    Further, I have to inform you that, presently since Feb.2020, I am with my son in Melbourne, in Australia, due to the Korona virus the international flights are temporarily closed till the next orders. Under such circumstances, I am not in a position to attend my pension paying branch. I shall be glad if you please advise me on the procedure I should follow.
    Thanking you.

  9. Email-id is not maintained in the circle HRMS department through pension paying branch, How to proceed for setting my user id and password in hrms online sbi

  10. I am a retired employee of of no is 1668870 and date of birth is 10/08/1956, I cannot generate sbi pension slip through sbi. com because my account is not mapped with INB username and not associated with PPO no. what do? How login to hrms? Browser says, Nxdomain error

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