AP Employee Pay Slip Download to Print Salary Details Online

Now you can download AP Employee Pay slip CFMS Pdf document from AP Treasury online web portal or View excel report for your required month payroll details for complete salary information of the month at anytime by inserting employee number…

AP Employee Pay Slip

Government Employee of Andhra Pradesh Government can download their Employee Pay Slip containing their entire salary details containing salary details of employee earning and deduction payment from Official CFMS website of Treasury department, and the Pay for AP Government Employee or Teachers will be given through approvals of Treasury and entire details are recorded here.

Treasury department of state has been taking this initiative to provide the salary Pay Slip to its employee through offline mode in past and now this has been upgraded to online service, so Download the Andhra Pradesh Teachers Employee Payment sheet or Payroll information from the official website by using credentials as your Employee Code and Department Code only with Date of Slip to be required/added.

In this modern world when the offline process and day to day visit of official offices has been no were seen, One must have to visit the local treasury Department of State to get his Pay Slip written, and the employee need to write and later with required details as Employee code, why Pay Slip is required, Month of Pay Slip and many more.

The filled in letter was to be submitted in determent and only the Pay Slip was to be issued, and this was regularly done by Government Employee and Teachers who needed to have the Payment Slip, and this long process of Pay slip status has been now reduced and due to process of Online.

Here we come with the process to download the AP Employees Payslip from the government official website, and this can be done from any place wherever an Internet connection is available, and the employee needs to have all basic information handy before going to access the website to download pay Slip.

Download AP Employee Salary slip

  1. Launch the browser and search for AP Treasury Website or directly search for https://treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php# form URL search bar
  2. Once page loaded, Go to Net Services to Public
  3. Select Employee Operations
  4. Selct Pay Particulars
  5. Click on to Download Month Pay slip or Next option
  6. Employee can select to download the Pay slip by filling entire details or only EMP Code as shown below
  7. A column with Employee Code will be shown, fill your EMPLOYEE code and press TAB
  8. Click on Excel Report and wait for page to loaded
  9. You can now view Name, Department Code, DDO code and other information
  10. Your Month Wise Payment will be shown on this screen
  11. Now select option to download Pay Slip from AP Treasury Department website
  12. Option to Print the Pay Slip will be available which will directly get the print of your Payment Sheet
AP Employee DA RatesEHS APAP EHS Grievance

Blue Print of AP Employees Payslip

Before you go to download the Pay Slip you would also need to know what does AP Employees Pay slip include and does it had have all the required information you require, and this will make your way clear that download of Pay Slip by providing the details is valid.

There comes three Parts in Pay Slip of every employee which are collaborated at the end by naming as Net Salary, where the net salary is the actual salary which an Employee or teacher will be given by government in their respective Bank Account, and the Account details provided at start of service will be same and recorded in government records until you submit a request for change of bank.


  • This section consist of all you’re earning and holds a list of actual salary which is being credited in your Payment Slip, and the first part it consists is Basic Salary, which is termed as an annual basic salary which is given to an employee, and this is increasing amount that changes with promotion or development of Government projects, where the basic amount shown will be however credited and will be constant but not decreasing at all.
  • Second Section in Earning is Dearness Allowance, which is a profit based income source credited by the department, and the State Government holds annual meeting and varying the percentage of D.A to be increase, this part of salary is always increasing and won’t be independent of any other sources.
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA) is a varying portion of salary which does changes with respective growth or fall of business projects. Thus this three combine to form Earning section of Pay Slip.


This is actual part of salary which needed to monitor by every employee as one got its deduction listed here, and to confirm no excess amount is being deducted from the earning section.

Provident Fund amount will be visible here along with any medical insurance claim that has been availed on your name or family members, and this section also contain the property Tax details which is the Tax deducted form your total earning, and you can manage to claim the Tax and submit proof by viewing the tax deducted from your total amount.

Loans & Extra Section

This is one part which is more important, as government employee and teacher do get benefits to take loan against their edition of children, marriage of children’s or house loan if any, where the amount to be deducted from this Loan part will be listed here along with description, and this is must to check to keep track of your live running Loan.

Once summing everything, Net Salary will be collected by subtracting the Deduction and Loans from earning section, and the Last amount shown will be deposited to employee beneficiary account as restarted, This is the Blue Print of AP Employees Pay slip which you’re going to download in sometime.

AP Employees Pay slip will be now downloaded and will be saved in your Downloads folder, and this way you can download Pay slip monthly and can record them for your any basic needs, and this Pay slip can be taken as original proof for Education Loans, Home Loans and for any government verification purpose.

The process to download AP Employees Pay slip is very easy and thus amount of time spend to visit the office has been reduced here, and any query regarding the issue of Pay Slip with irregular data can be registered from Complaint section in Website, and else employee can visit the nearest Treasury Department to correct their details and would not make any mistake in future.

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