AP Employee Pay Slip at herb.apcfss.in or at HERB App

Now you can download AP Employee Pay slip CFMS Pdf document online using herb.apcfss.in portal or HERB App for your April 2024 payroll details for complete salary information of the month at anytime.

Treasury department of state has been taking this initiative to provide the AP Employee salary Pay Slip to its employee through offline mode in past and now this has been upgraded to online service.

Download AP Employee Salary slip

Here is the process to download AP Employees Payslip from the government official website herb.apcfss.in and the employee needs to have all basic information handy before going to to download pay Slip.

  1. Launch the browser and browse herb.apcfss.in
  2. Enter your User ID or CFMS ID
  3. Click GO and Enter Password > Login
  4. Go to Dashboard > Payslip
  5. Select Month > Year > Get
  6. Check the details and Download if required

How to View or Download HERB PaySlip for AP Employee

Download Andhra Pradesh employee payment sheet or Payroll information from the official mobile application HERB using credentials like CFMS ID

  1. Download and Install HERB App from appstore.herb.apcfss.in/iOSHerb.html
  2. Enter your CFMS ID or User ID and Possword
  3. Click Go arrow
  4. Go to dashboard on tapping left above 3 dots
  5. Click Payslip
  6. Select Year and Month
  7. Click Get
  8. Verify the Month Pay Details
  9. Click on the payslip and Download the required

Blue Print of AP Employees Payslip

Before you go to download the Pay Slip you would also need to know what does AP Employees Pay slip include and does it had have all the required information you require, and this will make your way clear that download of Pay Slip by providing the details is valid.

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There comes three Parts in Pay Slip of every employee which are collaborated at the end by naming as Net Salary, where the net salary is the actual salary which an Employee or teacher will be given by government in their respective Bank Account, and the Account details provided at start of service will be same and recorded in government records until you submit a request for change of bank.

  • Earnings
  • Deductions
  • Others

The process to download AP Employee Pay slip is very easy and thus amount of time spend to visit the office may reduced now with above 2 services.

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For any query regarding the issue of AP Employee Pay Slip with irregular data can be registered from Complaint section in Website, and else employee can visit the nearest Treasury Department to correct their details and would not make any mistake in future.

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