Payroll Management System, Types of Payroll & Calculations

What is Payroll meaning in HR and the types of payroll processing by employer, and what are the calculations involved in management software, What does a payroll include, Different types of softwares available for payroll management…

Payroll Management

An important term used by a company or firm to its employees to provide their monthly compensation is Payroll and it is a process of paying a certain amount to their employees by the respective company, and there are a lot of different things that can be said on Payroll and its respective kind of use.

It is a must to be tagged to every employee if your running an organization or business, and any payment that is meant to be for an employee for certain interval of time, is described under Pay roll, and any benefits, cutting, exemption of benefits under monthly wage of an employee will be clearly written in Payroll management sheet.

Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System – Types

There are a lot of different types of Payroll which can be seen in their respective terms & conditions, and here is a clean list where and how this term can be used and tagged.

  • Distribution of Paychecks for the employee as their daily wage per day is listed in employee pay slip
  • Employee wages, Withholding, salaries, deduction containing financial records, and other items in paychecks
  • List of pay for not worked days calculated along with the days of working for employee paychecks
  • Payroll can also be seen as a record of earnings for an employee for that certain period
  • This is proof of earning for employees to consider themselves eligible for next job
  • An employee determined for a company will be given Pay describing their respective work condition

What does a Payroll Include?

Here we will describe you what exactly a Pay does consist off and why is so important for an employee, and things like Hours Worked, Salaries, Wages, Net Pay, Gross Pay, Employee Information and Deduction can be seen in this page list, and these points will be listed in as columns and respective filling in rows will record the amount from the side of employee for their respective job done.

Employee Information

This is a must to be recorded information by an employer to get the basic information of employees. Payroll does consist of information as Name, Address, Date of birth, UAN number and more of an employee as per KYC documents. This are must to be noted information by an employee for its new employee enrolled.

Hours Worked

As every company has got certain time period to be shown as working hours by its employee per week, and this helps the employer to get the details of hours worked by an employee and as such allocated the amount as per working days. An employee working in an origination need to have their time tracked and noted in Payroll.

Time Off

Every worker in an official organization or any stream of work, there are certain days of the month that an employee can use as per leave, and In the same stream Pay roll has got a column to note the leaves taken by an employee such that any excess leaves taken will be recorded here.


Basic salary is a fixed amount that employer gives to its respective employee as per their designation, and an employee is given a fixed annual salary and that are divided monthly as per working days, and this salary will be noted as basic term of pay by an employer in list.


Wages is deemed as an hourly pay to a worker that is not permanent in nature, and wage is calculated by calculating the number of hours worked and then listed in sheet.

Overtime Pay

This slot of pay will describe the total extra earning of an employee despite salary and wages, and any workers who has caused his daily limit of work and has contributed a bit longer to earn extra then regular timing. Working on holidays or Sunday will also be listed in Overtime Pay, to get minimum extra pay by employer.


An employee has got saving and PF terms that need to be allocated to them for their annual savings, and this will be listed in deductions to know the amount contributed from total salary along with any medical insurance claimed for monthly cutting.

Payroll Taxes

Tax is an important column that need to be listed in Payroll Sheet, as total earning of a worker or employee need to be tax free, and the amount deposited in accounts of worker will be a total after calculating the tax. This is a must for income tax proof as including State Income Tax, Local Income Tax, Federal Tax and more.

Net & Gross Pay

Net Pay is the total pay deposited into an employee account by clausing the total salary, extra income along with reducing income tax deduction, and the amount listed here will be deposited and will show exact earring.

How to do Payroll

There are different ways one can go to prepare Payroll, by considering all the above listed points, and all above listed points contained in a Payroll will be accepted by any government stream as a valid proof of salary deposited.

  • By Hand : List the columns that you need to be pointed for your employer, things added will be permanent for your employee. The sheet prepared need to update monthly as to know the exact amount to be deposited to employee.
  • Through Accountant : organization who has got long list of employees, can get an outsourcing Accounting to do the job of filling Pay roll. Accountant will look after tax deduction and experience along with having correct Gross or Net Pay.
  • By Software : There are multiple software available online like ERP Software, Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) and more to calculate the Payroll for all employees, when one has provided basic information, and this software needs to be updated will all columns deducted to employee, and thus, at the end you will get a printed output of worker listing all columns of their pay

This is a must to be checked by everyone, as one can get details about the money they got from the department, and by using this sheet employee can check how much he was paid and how many deductions were made for his absence at work, and thus, having a detailed Payroll Sheet will make the process of organization and employee to calculate their earning & spending.

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