UP Police Pay Slip Online Pdf Download for 2022 Salary Details

Download UP Police pay slip online whenever required from the list of UP Police nominal roll, check the employee pay slip for complete salary details and employee pay information regarding recruited cadre like SI or any other…

UP Police Salary 2022

Every State in India has their own State Police and also has a separate organization for the effective management of Payments and Salaries through Payroll management systems, When it comes to the Uttar Pradesh state police department, they have implemented a payroll management system called as “Uttar Pradesh Police Nominal Roll System” which is a simple interfaced system for Police department employees to check their payroll for complete salary details.

One of the important things to note is that the Uttar Pradesh Police Payroll management system is implemented and can be accessed via the online website is more in Hindi language, and It is a mixture of both the languages which can become difficult if someone can only read English or Hindi alone. This is one of the reasons why we have made this article about the Uttar Pradesh Police payslip and payroll management website to share more information on how to access it precisely.

How to Access UP Police Payslip Online to Download Payslip in PDF Format

Here comes the main aspect of this guide which is obviously the part where you will learn the steps to access your Payslip for the Uttar Pradesh Police department website, and the process to view the UP Police payslip is quite simple because the Uttar Pradesh government has made a sole website to view and download the payslips which sound good like this

UP Police Pay Slip

  1. Open Chrome browser which works fine to download UP Police Payslip
  2. Use the link UP Police Nominal Pay Roll Management System at to open the Uttar Pradesh Police payslip login page
  3. On the page you can see that in order to access the Salary Slip (Payslip) you will have to login via your Personal Number, Month and Year.
  4. Just enter those three details you need to click on the Show report button which will show you list of Salary Slip by work period.
  5. Now you can select which month or year salary slip you want to download and save it in the PDF format directly.

What is Uttar Pradesh Police Personal Number ID – UP Police Payslip Personal Number ID

If you are a Police department employee of the Uttar Pradesh State then you will need to access the Payroll Management system or some part of HRMS in order to check your salary and UP payslip details for the month or any time period.

In order to do so you will need to enter the required details such as Personal Number ID which you need to have, and this is a 9 digit number which is given to every employee of the Uttar Pradesh police department when recruited and you can find this on the offline given salary slip as well.

UP GPF StatementUP Employee Salary Slip

Same as how you have a separate row for Employee Provident Fund (PF) Number i.e., UAN, and You also have a separate row allotted on the Salary slip for the 9 digit number we are talking about.

What to enter in Month and Year of UPP Pay Slip?

Assume that you have the Personal number which will retrieve the salary slip directly but you have to have in mind an idea of which month and year salary slip you want to download.

  • Example : if you want to download Salary slip for October 2022 then you have to enter below details as required.
    • Enter Month: 10 (You have to enter the Month number but not the name of the month)
    • Enter Year: 2022 (You can change the year if you want to download salary slip for any other year)

Once these details are correctly entered, click on Show report and you will have your Payslip from the UP Police department website.