AIIMS Payslip Download Online (Current / Old Salary Slip)

If you are an existing employee of AIIMS, then download AIIMS payslip online for your current September 2023 month or old, what ever you required, just download from…

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi has brought online facilities for its employees. It sometimes becomes hard for employees serving the AIIMS in different parts of India.

Thus AIIMS employees can use online services and get access to Income Tax Form 16, Pay Slip, GPF statement, Employee data, and many more. Having an online portal for different grievances helps the employee serving the AIMS to get them to benefit with online mode.

Here are the detailed steps, which will help you to get the Pay slip for the AIIMS Employees. Follow these steps and get your latest Pay Slip to download from the portal.

AIIMS PaySlip Online

  1. Visit AIIMS official website at
  2. Tap on Employee
  3. Hover to Salary Slip and Tap to open to load AIIMS ePYFMS/eHRMS page
  4. Select Password Base or OTP Base
  5. For Password base: Enter Username > Password > Captcha code > Click Sign In
  6. For OTP base: Enter Registered Mobile Number > Click Send OTP > Enter OTP
  7. Go to Salary Particulars
  8. Select Month
  9. Use download or print to get AIIMS Pay Slip for the salary code of an employee shown on screen

The medical institute does have a higher priority and their employees pay a major rule in society. If you’re an existing employee of AIIMS, then you can start using the online facilities provided to them using their unique portal.

Can AIIMS employee allowed to download old pay slip?

With the above-said procedure, the employee may select any required AIIMS payslip of the respective month to load on your screen and for download.

Can I download next month’s AIIMS Pay Slip after Login?

Yes, employees can load any AIIMS Salary Slip from the same above process, after getting the one-month pay slip on-screen, you need to come back to the original Login Page and select the month of pay slip.

Do we need to Register at AIIMS Portal to access Pay Slip?

Yes, the employees who are serving with the AIIMS, need to submit their details to the DDO officer for verification, employees don’t need a password or any other details to access the payslip, as their salary code given to them by the DDO officer is enough to view their latest Pay Slip uploaded on AIIMS website.