What is GPF Series for Teachers in Karnataka

The Provident fund does have three different types of categories which have their own features and services. General Provident Fund, Employee Provident and Public Provident Fund are three unique provident fund options which an individual can opt as per their eligibility category.

The GPF does hold a revised interest rate of 8% at present, as the interest rate here changes along with government regulation. The GPF amount directly contributed from your salary and continued until your reach the date of retirement. To make it easier to extract details from the Karnataka GPF portal, the series allocated to every department.

Teachers Series in GPF in Karnataka

To download the Annual GPF Account statement, it required to have the GPF Series code, GPF account number along with Password set during registration. Here is the process which will guide you about how to select GPF series for teachers in the GPF portal.

  1. Visit the official website of Karnataka GPF portal using link agkar.cag.gov.in
  2. Next select the Teachers Series form Drop down as ED, which is dept code
  3. Now enter your GPF account number along with the password
  4. Click on Submit button to verify details and select any option from list

Find GPF series for Teachers in Karnataka

The GPF series for teachers may easily found by looking at the GPF-provided card for the respective teachers. As well the teachers can view their department code, as the same may set to GPF series. More easily, the GPF series for every respective employee may printed on their Payment Slip.

The pay slip which is provided by the department every month will have the details of the Provident Fund account number along with mentioning the GPF series code allocated to a particular department.

  1. How to get a GPF statement in Karnataka?

    To download the GPF statement in karnataka, the individual has to access the GPF portal along with their series code, account number and password. Once submitted they have to select View GPF details from the list of options provided. Select the year for which statement to loaded.

  2. Can I download last year’s GPF statement online?

    The GPF statement for an employee will be available in GPF portal from the financial year they have joined the employer. Thus just select the year from the drop down and get the desired financial year GPF statement online.

  3. Is it mandatory to provide GPF series code for GPF statements?

    The GPF login does require the combination of GPF series code and the account number of employee. Even if by providing the correct account number if GPF series code wrongly selected, then the statement may not generate and an error in login will pop up.